Monday, 16 October 2017

Just be YOU

My first share with you today is a hybrid page  for
where Elke is hosting this month theme 
Landscapes of the Soul.

I had a small piece of coloured and stenciled card, found in the pile of stuff on my desk, that just has to be saved  for when it may be useful.
I'm sue you know that feeling well. The stamps are my new ones, I told you about in an earlier post.
It was a mop up page in my journal and I added a few digital extras [notes in my sidebar].

I think  that  often, we will  think we cannot do something,
but, perhaps after searching the why's and where's  we actually can.
My Gran always used to say there is no such word as ' can't',
search inside yourself and you can.

Now  I'm off to share my weekly cuppa with friends at

It is so dull and grey here  that  it  got me thinking of our summer stay in Yorkshire.
Today we have to have the electric lights on and it is only mid day.

That day in July, sun was shining, the sky was clear and you could see for miles. When we stopped at the top of the pass to get some photos .
not another person was in sight, nor did we see many cars on this country road.... The Buttertubs Pass
It is a well known road to drive or if you have strong legs to cycle.

This particular day our destination was Hawes, in the Yorkshire Dales.
Which of course meant a  reviving  cuppa , with  a cheese and onion  sandwich in this super, small cafe.  I couldn't get many photos as it was full of folk, we were lucky to get a table beside the window, but what really appealed to me [besides the pot of tea] was the handmade bears  all around the room. I'm sure they were watching and listening in to the many conversations.

While we were in Hawes we had a look around the Rope Factory
An interesting place,  we  were left to look around, but on the down side, not much information  other than the link I added.

In the yard as we left the factory, were a few  metal sculptures, but like most places on that warm day, as I said earlier in the post, too many folk to get a good photos.
  However we had a super day out and that what makes the memories.

Thank you for all your get well wishes last week, the aches and pains are much better, many of my friends had a similar reaction, so we were able to chat comparing notes and laugh at ourselves.   It was better than letting the results of the jab get us down.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
I hope you all have a Happy Day.


  1. another lovely visit in a neighboring town-and it does bring back the warmth and sunshine to revisit doesn't it...
    simply beautiful and serene art journal page. Love the feeling of it along with the sentiment. Happy T day!

  2. Beautiful journal page.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of Yorkshire, it is always fun to know, the other side of world.

  3. I was super impressed with this beautiful AJJ entry. I'm in a dancing mood now, I think.

    What impressed me was the landscape. Rolling hills is not just a term, but a visual certainty with your latest photos you took around Buttertubs Pass.

    Oh, cheese and onion. Sounds better than my sandwich, now. Visiting a rope factory sounds exciting to me. I would love to know how they make the different types of rope. It sound fascinating, even if there was not much information. And I really enjoyed the beautiful sculptures, too.

    Thanks for taking us to Buttertubs Pass and then to Hawes. Thanks, too for sharing your sandwich, the darling bears in the restaurant, and your colorful teapot with us for T this Tuesday.

    Somehow I missed something. I had no idea you had serious problems last week. I am off to see what I missed, because I pride myself on reading every word in a post. I'll apologize now and see what I missed.

  4. DUH!! You were talking about your flu shot. I'm a dufus. I thought you had been hit or mugged or something even worse than a needle and a taste of the flu. My bad.

  5. Your journal page is gorgeous, love the colours you used, And I agree with you about 'can't'! The photos from the Yorkshire Dales are beautiful, I used to love being there. The rope factory looks interesting, too. And what a sweet little cafe you went to, yummy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Beautiful post and love the photos/xx [aNNie]

  7. This is a great, beautiful journal with the words !!!the music is what is wonderful and the soul does so well.
    Thanks for the link in AJJ I am very happy!
    happy Day

  8. A wonderful page and great photos.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. The Dales look just gorgeous. Especially on such a bright day. What an interesting place to drive through-no trees. Loving your dancer page too. I like the grunge effect without it being messy. :) Thanks for the nice comments about my curtains, and I hope your sunshine is back today. Hugs-Erika

  10. The page is gorgeous Yvonne ! Really beautiful - thank you for another beautiful ideas for the inner landscapes collection and thank you for taking me with you to the Yorkshire Dales!
    That cafe looks so lovely! Happy T-Day my friend! Good to hear that you feel better!
    oxo Susi

  11. The dancer against the patterned blue looks really good and I like the patterned "mount" around it too, it's so unusual, what a good idea.
    Thanks for the trip to Hawes. I was especially interested in the teddy bears and of course they were listening to every word and talking about it later.

  12. A fabulous page as always Yvonne. Great photos. Hoping you all have a lovely day!

  13. Beautiful journal entry Yvonne.... Love the blue and the girl dancing... so graceful..You did a great job bringing it all together. Now whenever i see a group of bears together i will think they are listening to everyone.. lol Did you know a group of bears is called a Sloth or a Sleuth ?? Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  14. Good morning, this is such a fun and interesting post-and I love how collaged the photos together. Your journal page is beautiful and with a good message I was told as a child too not to use can"t as there is always a way. the rope factory sounds fun to visit and the food looks delish. Happy T Day Kathy

  15. I like your journal page a lot. The colors and patterns make an interesting combo. I enjoyed the photo's of the countryside as well.

  16. simply AMAZING!
    the blue stencil backround is wonderful,the black dancer in combination with this is STUNNING!
    happy week.

    hugs jenny

  17. Wow, I love this page! The paper you created and saved is gorgeous, and it looks so beautiful with your pretty dancer and that amazing border you created 😁. The grunge look, flower and butterfly stamp images and stitching around the border are perfect! Yorkshire looks a beautiful place and that's a wonderful tearoom, I bet those bears have a few tales to tell listening into customer conversations 😉. The rope factory and yard are a delight. Thanks for sharing such lovely memories to brighten my day and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  18. fantastic journaling page, i LOVE turquoise! and it is always interesting to see places where i´ll probably never be!
    happy t-day!

  19. Lovely elegant journal page, Yvonne. So glad to hear you're recovering from the bad flu shot reaction. It must be a more potent one than usual if a lot of people are reacting. May next year's be a milder one people tolerate well.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  20. Love the art today and the photos are great!!! So so nice to be able to visit other places in the world through BLOG-LAND :) THanks for stopping by my blog and today is a much better allergy day :) Happy T Day.

  21. Wow, a fabulous page. I love the design...beautiful.
    Greetings Carola

  22. Wonderful combination of stamps and stencils. I also like that you gave the blue color to the black and white part of the page. Great design. I like it much.
    Dear Greetings

  23. I love this page and it's positive message - your digital additions always impress me! We love Hawes although I am not so keen on going down the Buttertub pass - I agree though, to stop and take in the views at the top is worthwhile! It's great to see your photos and I will be looking for the teddy bear cafe now! Hugs, Chrisx

  24. Beautiful journal page! I love the stitching around the edges. And so many lovely photos.
    Happy Tea Day,

  25. A joyful journal page. You certainly had a beautiful day for an outing. Love how you can see for miles and miles. The cafe looks so quaint and the bears are adorable. I wonder what stories they could tell?

  26. That's a lovely page - great silhouette at the centre of the lovely teal/turquoise swirly panel and I just love the b&w framing you added. Another great day out too, by the look of it.
    Alison x

  27. This is a so so wonderful page Yvonne !! Really fantastique, I love it, this stamp is stunning. Your journey may has been really interesting, Hawes is surely fabulous. Wonderful bears. I wish you a very nice day, big hugs, Caty.