Monday 1 June 2020

A stitch in Time for AJJ

we are welcoming a Halle
our Guest host for June.
The theme she has  set for us is.....
A Stitch in Time

Above is the hybrid page I created for the theme.
A sampler in cross stitch.
I used my digital journal page and added the faux sewing border

Turn the clock back 21 years to when  I stitched this sampler showing my home county of Northumberland.
I had to take it from its frame for the photo you can see on the left, with if you look close its original date  1999 under  my blog name.
Sewing these days is not possible for me as I find it hard to hold the needle. As for the old sewing machine, I will leave to your imagination what mischief I can get up to using that.

I hope you will join us all at Art Journal Journey and like myself I'm sure we are all looking forward to how you interpret this  super new theme.


  1. Beautiful page and a wonderful piece of embroidery. I can feel for you, can't do things like that any more either. Have a good, new month, hugs, Valerie

  2. Yvonne this is fabulous, it was my first question to ask if it was taken from a real cross stitch picture, so nice to read it is one created by your own hand. How brave of you to take it out of the frame to scan and share with us all. I love it!!
    Although you may not be able to create in this way anymore at least you have this wonderful display to remind you of those days you were able.. now go play with that sewing machine hee hee!!
    Happy JUNE hugs Tracey xx

  3. How incredibly clever, dear Yvonne. I think this is so ingenious and would never have thought about cross stitch. I perfect example for Halle's theme at Art Journal Journey.

  4. What a cool new theme at AJJ and your page is amazing! So cool to incorporate your cross stitch piece. Wonderfully done and very interesting!

  5. That's a really cool idea Yvonne. Very clever art today. I love your journal page. And I love your sampler too. Do you still cross stitch? I used to do a lot of hand stitching and I should get back to it. It is always so nice to have those pieces. Happy June. Hugs-Erika

  6. So cool. I love that you created a hybrid page to fit the theme. That cross stitch sampler must have taken FOREVER!

  7. wow this is stunning. A fabulous work of art.x

  8. Wonderful Art journal page Yvonne !! Colourfull and happy. Great Art !
    Have a very nice week, stay safe and
    Big hugs, Caty

  9. A wonderful hybrid page Yvonne! xx

  10. I love your stitched sampler and how you used it to make the hybride page. Great work.

  11. I love this-I would have no clue on how to do a digital page-this awesome with the stitches

  12. WoW! What a beautiful sampler! I love how you made your hybrid page using a digital image of it. You are so creative!!! And I know . . . I am getting arthritic joints now, too. I feel your pain . . .

  13. Wow, that’s a lovely sampler!

    Sally xx

  14. Wow! You must be incredibly patient, Yvonne. I could never do any kind of embroidery because I'm just not patient enough and as soon as something went wrong, I'd bin it. I've just realised why, but that's another story! I feel for you with holding the needle - I can't hold one now, either. I used to do a lot of sewing. My close friend used to finish off all the fiddly bits on my art/classes, etc for me but I just leave them out now, lol. There are other ways to express yourself ;-) I'm in awe of both your skill and your patience.
    Cath x