Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Tuesday musings

Its Tuesday and its T day, where has the past week gone to....
each day is the same, we don't go out,  time drags and yet a new day will dawn.
This is my second cuppa of the day and its was  only 7.30 a.m.
So I will be joining the T gang over at 
for the weekly gathering where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

This   is piece also shares the shelf with the clock, its a right dust gatherer but we love it as it is a constant reminder of  when we had the real live collie dogs in our home.

Our younger son is my link to the outside world this week, 
with a couple of photos of the village bus shelter.

The council allowed it to be decorated for the May celebrations . 

The flower planters outside were also a new addition

I think everyone is hoping they will let us keep the wall paintings inside

Miss Mojo is still walk about,
 I think she is looking for  Miss Inspiration who also seems  to have gone on the missing list.
I even got the duster out,
 but,  when  I came across this cross stitch on  a bedroom wall and   decided to give it a digital make over.
I cropped off the frame  and saved this  version to use.

So here is my digital page.
Adding stitching and  the original cross stitch will allow me to join
  Halle's theme  again over at
 Art Journal Journey.

Thank you for calling in, however you spend the day I hope it will be a good one for you.
Stay safe.

   If you called in to see
   my take on the new
   Try it on Tuesdays theme
Please scroll down to my earlier post.


  1. Time does strange things. I'm always up very early, too. Love your bus shelter, it looks great. That's a wonderful idea. And the page you made from the cross-stitch piece is fabulous, that was a good inspiration! Happy T day, look after yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love being up early. Super cool picture of the bus shelter and I hope they keep it festive looking. Great page done from the cross stitch piece - I love the words you used! Lovely post - thanks for sharing your treasured items (including your cuppa). Hugz

  3. the bus stop nicely painted, that would be great if it stayed that way. Your cross stitch is beautiful and also digitally processed.
    The watch with the cup is great. It was worth it for this beautiful, imaginative posting!
    Have a good day , Elke

  4. The murals in the bus shelter are really appealing! I hope they do decide to let them stay -- and that people respect them and don't mess them up.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. I love your old clock and that T photo. That is a really clever and nice way to explain the world right now. I also love the "dust collector". So what's a little dust if the piece makes you happy? And that's a clever way to make a page for AJJ. It is just as cool a page as last time you did it.The border collie and the pig are adorable. Hope it is a happy T day and you soon get to visit that cool looking bus stop. Take care myfriend. Hugs-Erika

  6. I wish our bus stops looked like that! Wow! Enjoying the simple things in life is something we'll certainly be good at by the time all this is over if we're not good at it already :) Happy T Tuesday

  7. What an awesome and so fun idea to decorate the bus stop-that will give everyone smiles.
    Love your coffee mug, and your "dust collector" is a must have.
    I love your digitized page-turned out really nice-you are so good with this technique.
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  8. It's nice to have treasured pieces that bring back happy memories, even if they have to be dusted! and I love the cross stitched piece and the words you added to make the journal page. The bus stop looks lovely and I bet folks don't mind waiting there now, I hope they keep it like that, so much nicer than plain old walls.
    Avril xx

  9. Oh you are an early bird. Not so much for me anymore...love your clock and mug. That bus stop is really delightful and colorful- so cheery! Very creative how you digitally altered your cross stitch piece! Happy T day!

  10. I'm usually going to bed about the time you get up. Today I stayed up late and just woke a few minutes ago. That's a beautiful clock and a lovely "dust catcher." It's amazing the things that remind us of days gone by. It's lovely and so is your mug. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us for T this Tuesday.

    That bus stop is amazing. I hope they DO leave it. In the states, we put both rainbows and teddy bears in windows, but I've noticed in England, it's mostly rainbows. The flowers under the rainbow are wonderful and those buntings are so well done, too.

    Gosh, Yvonne, I never thought about cross stitch. It's a really clever journal page and absolutely perfect for Halle's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    BTW, are you getting your e-mails?

  11. I so enjoyed your post. The reminder clock is beautiful. Glad you have a link to the outside and it is your son. Me too. Your art is beautiful and I love the subject matter. The expressions are just too cute. Be safe and have a great week.

  12. We have been waking too early since lockdown and now we are in the habit so we drink our tea and are out for a walk by 8am .

    I love your cross stitch piece, it’s so pretty and a great idea for a journal page. The bus shelter looks lovely, and I love your clock, well worth all the dust it collects.
    Happy T Day
    Jan x

  13. What a lovely mug, Yvonne. I adore your sculpture! We have a dust gatherer like that too. I know excty what you mean - all thoose nooks and crannies.

    Your cross stitch and hybrid page are wonderful!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. I'm loving your mug, the sentiment is perfect! That's such a beautiful statue too, I can see why it brings back such happy memories! I have dust collectors too, but it's always fun dusting them and remembering ...lol 😉. The cross stitch is such fun and the way you used it to create the page is so clever! Take care and wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  15. The wood on your clock is lovely! What a wonderful piece to keep time.
    Your digital page is so pretty. Is this a piece of cross stitch that you did? It looks perfect for the challenge.
    The local bus shelter has some very pretty wall art but my favorite are those flower planters.
    Happy Tea Day,

  16. Each day new and yet the same. Cool bus stop. I hope the council lets it stay the way it is with the paintings and planters. And you made your old cross stitch something new again. Happy T Day

  17. What a lovely mug. The clock is beautiful too. And then the collie sculpture. Your shelf contains some precious treasures.
    The busstop with the bunting is great. I do hope they will leave the lovely paintings, even if it is just to remind us....
    Your cross stitch is gorgeous. And such a good way of immortalizing it.
    Wishing you a happy belated T-Day,

  18. I do love that mug Yvonne! I would be having coffee but I am always awake early, sometimes I get up straight away and leave hubby snoring other times i try to get back to sleep but I am always up and about by 8! We have quite a few dust catchers that remind us of places we have visited! How great for the bus shelter to have that makeover - I hope it can stay. Your cross stitch page looks great, love the border and quote you added! Belated Happy T day, Chrisx

  19. Love your mug.
    The bus shelter is cute! Must be nice to wait there. Fingers crossed the beauty stays!

  20. Everything you shared today is awesome. Love how you used A Stitch in Time! Your mug is very sweet. Happy T day too!

  21. Good idea with the cross stitch and the changes. Tell you what though, I love that clock. What a gorgeous clock it is, and the beaker is lovely too.
    I hope they let you keep your bus stop looking like that, it must cheer everyone up when they come, especially in these turbulent times.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  22. Love how they've brightened up the bus shelter - do hope it will stay, planters and paintings and all. I love your elegant clock and the collie celebrations - both in sculpted and cross-stitch form. Love how you've converted that charming image to digi form, and the words are perfect. I've not been visiting much lately - too much going on, but once Monday's over, I should be back on form!
    Alison x

  23. Hi my friend, loving this blog. I have come back to blogging properly now lol. instead of off on etc. Its still my fave social media platform. I am loving what you did with the cross stitch and its ever so cute too. I added a new blog too, Junes Free' All free digital stuff to keep and use in any art you want it for. I would be ever so grateful if you could also follow that blog too my friend. Love June xxx

    Hugs June xxx

  24. What a fun cross stitch piece & indeed it’s digi makeover! That’s a brilliant bus shelter that you have too, we’ve mainly got painted stones here and there is talk of trying to make something out them, a local town is planning to set them in concrete!

    Sally xx