Thursday 22 February 2018

Just friends

I have a hybrid journal page to share today with 
for Rike's theme of Animal A to Z

This  sweet hedgehog from a colouring in book was my starting place.

 I found this book  in a discount book shop  and it really appealed to me as it does have
  plenty clear space around the  figures.
This makes it much easier for me to play about with in the computer program I use.[see my sidebar].
I often cut out the things I want to use on a page, but this book has pictures to colour on both sides  so Mr Hedgehog will stay where he is in his Enchanted Forest.

 I have mentioned before that I go to an art group in the library
We were pleased to find out that the Library will be open  until the next review takes place in 2020, keeping the same part time hours as we have  now,

It is with this group of friends  that  my interest
 in the non-messy side  of colouring  began. 
. The ladies bring in books  and we photo copy and share pages that interest us.  There is much laughter, lots of tea and coffee to drink,  good conversation, the time just flies by.  
We can even aspire to being famous and colour in our version of  a masterpiece.

Thank you for stopping by today, you are always welcome here.


  1. so sweet the friend hedgehog page and this art from Gustav klimt wonderful!
    Nice that you have so much fun at the meeting!
    Greetings Elke

  2. Your hedgehog page is gorgeous. How nice that you have such a nice group to enjoy at the library. I enjoy my group, goo. Have a nice evening, hugs, Valerie

  3. I am thrilled about the beautiful hedgehog page with the lovely quote you added to the couple and the enchanted forest you created digital for them! So lovely made and I bet this colouring book has much more amazing images ! Hope you show us all of them, always when you colour in a new one! And super that the library group got their hours for the next two years guaranteed! That are good news for your group! Oh I can imagine how nice this is to meet up and make this nice pages together! I really love Klimt - it was always a pleasure for me in the past as I worked in the center of Vienna to visit the places where his art was to see . After work on Fridays when I stopped working earlier I enjoyed this often. I miss the many exhibitions Vienna offers - and mostly I visit now for just shopping or visiting family ... a shame.
    But otherwise I love my quiet country life so much more than living in the city.
    Thank you so much for another wonderful page linked to Rike's theme Yvonne.
    I have only the blogging community for my art hobby... I maybe could get in contact with local artists here as well- we have possibilities enough - but Mixed Media Art and Art Journaling is a nearly unknown activity here in Austria.
    I am not interested to teach - I gave adult education classes in Vienna for some time for young moms and their O-4 years old kids and that always was very labour-intensive - so I guess I am much too lazy now to do something along these lines.
    Ups... long long comment - sorry!

  4. great painted hedgehog, i paint in colouring book to. must be nice to meet up in a group ;O)

  5. What a cute hedgehog from your coloring book, and you've added the perfect digital elements to it. I'm sure you were pleased to continue meeting at the library. Sounds like an enjoyable time to chat and so some crafting!

  6. I love your hedgehog page too You are so good with this us-hugs

  7. Your painting and words are so sweet and touching, the two friends looks so happy in their leafy setting.
    How very nice to meet with a like-minded art group in the library.

  8. Your hedgehogs look delightful and your craft group sounds like super fun, glad it's been decided to keep that library going for the time being still!

  9. I love that cute hedgehog Yvonne, and great news about the library! Xx

  10. That's wonderful, beautiful hedgehog.
    Greetings Carola

  11. That's a colouring book that I recognise! Super cute hedgehogs....makes for a great page :-). I'm glad you are getting to keep the library even if it's to be reviewed again in a couple of years and it's nice that you can swap colouring book images- i occasionally go on a hunt on Pinterest for them.

    Sally xx

  12. This really is a wonderful hybrid page! Good to know that your library is OK for another few years at least! This of course is even more important for your colouring group - what a great idea! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Gorgeous page and fabulous hedgehogs. Fabulous colours.xx
    ๐Ÿ’– [aNNie' blog]

  14. These coloring pages you share are so fun! I love the hedgehogs and the sentiment. Adorable. I also love the Klimt page. His art is so amazing.

  15. I would have been by sooner, but the ice storm we had last night took out my phone and internet. It just came back on a few minutes ago.

    This is a wonderful hybrid page. I love the beautiful hedgehogs and the fabulous sentiment. I really love Klimt, too. Thanks for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey, dear Yvonne.

  16. I love your wonderful hedgehogs nose to nose, and the textured background with fabulous leaves you gave digitally to your page! It is a great idea to use these pages for your own artworks!
    What a nice thing to do - coloring together in a group, copy and share pages of coloring books - I wished I could be there :) I also have some coloring calendars and I like to color in! This Klimt coloring book looks exciting!
    Thank you for linking again such a beautiful entry to Art Journal Journey!
    Wish you a happy day! Rike x

  17. Your little hedgehogs are so cute! It's wonderful to have all the white space around the image so you can work your digital magic - perfect ๐Ÿ˜. I was so pleased to hear about your library too, that's such great news especially as so many seem to be being closed. Your group meeting looks and sounds so much fun too ๐Ÿ˜€. Happy Friday and Weekend! J ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. I love to color too Yvonne. I really like how you combine your coloring into art-like those adorable hedgehogs. And glad to hear your library will be open at least for a few more years so you can have your coloring fun with your friends. That sounds like a great way to pass some time. :) happy weekend. Hugs-erika