Friday 6 July 2018

Sometimes I just sit .....Diary day Week 27

Diary day week 27

I am so pleased I have  a few diary  pages made in advance,
one arm to use is not helpful when I am used to both.
and I have done a lot of sitting this past week
The things I  have taken for granted would fill a book and the broken arm seems to get in the way all the time, it wants to help, but it cannot.

A  pre printed page covered  with white gesso was the starting place for the  page.
Book print scraps, stencils, a bit of stamping and a sweet dog torn from a napkin.

I will add this page to Art Journal Journey.
Chris is hosting the new theme
Art for Arts Sake.
This page is the kind of art I enjoy creating, with lots of paint and stencils involved.
It was made before I went away on holiday, but luckily for me it will enable me to join friends at AJJ

Thank you for calling in to see me and for all the kind thoughts you wrote on my last post.
I am reading your blogs, but my comments may be short for a while
 until I get used to typing with one hand.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Beautiful diary pages. It must all be very difficult with one arm, look after yourself. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hello Yvonne, I can easily imagine the many, many things you can't do just now. I hope you find some happy things to do while your arm heals. This little dog is showing the way with the lovely words.

  3. I can really imagine how unpleasant and painful that is for you! Please take good care of you! I love how much depth you gave to this cute dog with your lovely background style! Always a pleasure to see your creations!
    I am a fan of your Diary week posts!
    Many get-well wishes for your fractured radius from me. Thank you for such a fabulous entry linked to Chris' theme at Art Journal Journey! So much appreciated.
    Happy start of the weekend!
    Big hugs, Susi

  4. I am always in awe of your work and your gracious comments are NEVER short, but always thoughtful and filled with genuine caring and emotion. There have been times when my keyboard was acting in such a bad way, I would want to write something like lovely diary pages and be done with it. BUT even with a broken arm, you still come though with lovely thoughts.

    I always love your diary pages, and always appreciate how you continue the art onto both pages. Such a joy to see that adorable little dog, too. Just don't tell Bleubeard I said that.

    How incredibly fortuitous that this beautiful entry also fit Chris's theme at Art Journal Journey. I'm so glad you shared it there, as well.

    It never hurts to plan ahead, and I know how hard things must be for you right now. One nice thing is you can't get the arm wet, so doing dishes has to fall on others. There are a FEW good perks from this forced "rest."

  5. How many more weeks before you are a 2 handed lady again? I bet you can't wait. But of course the fall could have been worse. Glad you had some pages made so we don't have to miss your art too long. I love the little pup on this page. So sweet, and a great page too. You are very good at adding the background details too. The hearts are perfect. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs-Erika

    1. At least another 4 weeks till I get me arm back.
      Yvonne xx

  6. What a beautiful page! This dog looks so sweet. I love your agenda/diary. I would love to buy one too but can not find it.
    Do you want to tell me title or where I can buy one, please?
    Lenie x

    1. It is a Dylusions creative diary [Dyan Reaveley] It was a gift but in the UK it is sold in her shop Art from the Heart.
      Yvonne x

  7. Sorry again for not seeing your last post Yvonne I feel so awful...
    Such sweet diary pages, the little pup is adorable and melts my heart. Great use of words again and I totally agree. They seem very poignant for the present moment.
    Here's to healing fast and back to crafting with both very soon.
    Creative wishes Tracey & Have a fab weekend xx

  8. Oh Yvonne! I can imagine how annoying it must be to try to craft one handed - I mean, you can leave the housework, but crafting!!!!!???? I hope your arm heals quickly! Great that you prepared this page in advance! I really love seeing your diary pages - the book page makes great texture and I love the dog! Thanks for linking to Art Journal Journey! Take care! Hugs,Chrisx

  9. Beautiful page Yvonne, I can commiserate with you over your broken arm, I broke my wrist a few years ago and I ended up buying a stamp platform as I was so frustrated at not being able to stamp!

    Joan x

  10. Brilliant and with one arm working, good on you for not giving up and this is FABULOUS.XXX

  11. So true, you can never have too much happy, but we can try 😉. Sending you get well wishes for a speedy recovery, it's so frustrating when you can't do things! I hope you are able to at least do some digital pieces like the amazing page on your last post, I was so suprised to find it was digital too 😉. Your diary pages are so beautiful with that adorable puppy, pretty stencilled hearts and sentiment - perfect! Thinking of you and wishing you a lovely weekend! J 😊 x

  12. Hoping that you are getting better Yvonne. This is a stunning page - hampered by your injury or not! x

  13. Hi Yvonne x This is a stunning diary page and I just love that little dog x So sweet !! Looks like he is checking out what you are going to write about him and hoping for a treat too !!

    Happy Sunday
    Annie xx

  14. What a beautiful page. Love It!
    Greetings Carola

  15. What a sweet sweet page, Yvonne. The puppy is just adorable.

  16. What a sweet looking puppy! Hopefully the arm is coming along nicely and you will be able to get the cast off (presumably you are in a cast). Reached our destination with no trouble from Brodie, just need to start my art again soon!

    Sally xx

  17. What a wonderful way to dress up a day journal ~ such a sweet spread!