Tuesday 7 June 2016

T Day and a visit to the Cambridge American Memorial

I will start off by   calling in for, ' T Day'  at
  Bleubeard and Elizabeths

 I made this page using some of the photos  in this post and one
 of  my pre- paint splattered journal pages.

The cup of tea was close by as I have been trying to  sort out some  holiday photos.

As this page has a couple of maps  I will also visit with the girls at
 Art Journal Journey
for this months theme of Maps

The American War Graves... Cambridge.

A little late for the day when veterans are remembered in America,
but I thought my blog friends in the USA may be interested in seeing this peaceful and tranquil site we visited last Thursday.
It was a grey dull day, but it felt so calm walking around the area.

The bronze map at the entrance

I stood on a l path between the pools for this photo

Then turned around to get a view of the  of the other two with the 
Chapel at the opposite end .

One marble wall showed the missions the pilots flew.
The other wall was all windows over looking the site.

The Altar  looked amazing.
It was a tall,  narrow building and the ceiling was all decorated in mosaics.

We visited on Thursday, and were told about the ceremony that had been held on Monday when each cross had  its own flag.  I said I would be showing photos to friends,  they kindly  gave me a copy of  the service booklet. The cover shows one of the early ceremonies at the site.[ see journal page]
There are 8 local gardeners who tend the site and
 as you can imagine it is  well cared for,
 We owe so much to so many,
 who gave their lives.

 I cannot remember the exact number who rest here, it was about  3,800.
With over 5,100 missing  also  remembered on this Portland stone  honour wall.
This is the only World War 11 American Military cemetery in the UK

War is not an easy subject to write about and we have to remember that  they were sent off into conflict  from all countries to do their duty.
There was suffering on all sides
 for the families whose loved ones never returned home.

Thank you for visiting with me today and sharing this special memory.


  1. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing the photos and the infos from the pace you visited. It is important not to forget. Love the journal page, and thanks for joining us again at AJJ, much appreciated. Enjoy your tea and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Interesting post, loved looking at the places of interest, which is something I love to do as well.xx

  3. A wonderful Journal Page Yvonne and interesting photos from this peaceful place you visited! The altar is really impressive! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for linking the page to AJJ and happy T-Day to you!
    oxo Susi

  4. Very impressive post today, dear. I couldn't figure out what you were talking about with a ceremony, then realized you meant our Memorial Day. That truly IS a time when we (Americans) honor our dead. This was a beautiful place, and I can understand how it can seem peaceful now.

    Both death and war are difficult subjects to write about, but I thought you did so with aplomb and respect. And these are beautiful photos, too, giving us an idea of the area and contents of the Museum.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful museum and memories of it with us, as well as your tea (and really cool teacup) with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Your tea looks just what I need right now- I love the mug! And what a beautiful memorial and chapel. My uncle was an American gunner who flew with the RAF during the war. He was on his last flight ( I think they had to do like 14, maybe, and then they were finished) when his plane was hit. They managed to make it into Sweden, where he spoke the language fluently and ended up working the rest of the war there.I really enjoyed seeing these photos. My uncle died in his 90's 2 summers ago, and it is nice to see these heroes are still remembered. Hugs-Erika

  6. Thanks for sharing the interesting photos, Yvonne. A great post!
    Mar xx

  7. A really lovely, thoughtful post for Memorial Day. The Cambridge Memorial site looks like a beautiful place - very serene - and your page is great.
    Alison x

  8. What lovely peaceful place this looks! Love your journal page! Chrisx

  9. What a wonderfully meaningful art page!

  10. what a really wonderful post Yvonne-very touching. The collage is so beautiful and I love the row of poppies along the bottom edge. Thank you so much for sharing the Cambridge Memorial site - it truly touches the heart. Happy T day!

  11. Beautiful and moving post Yvonne ♥ I am choked up with a tear in my eye.
    Thank you for sharing this special place.
    I will return so my husband can see it too.
    Your journal page is lovely too.
    Happy T Day with your perfect mug oxo

  12. Fascinating. You're right that war is a difficult subject, but thank you for sharing. Happy T Tuesday

  13. It looks like a lovely serene place Yvonne, thanks for sharing those lovely photos.
    Avril xx

  14. an interesting post, Yvonne - yes, a hard subject to deal with, but necessary.
    have a great week!

  15. Beautiful collage, and touching photos of the memorial you visited. The mosaics in the chapel are truly stunning, though the remembrance is sad. Lest we forget the tragic lessons of the past...thank you for sharing!

  16. Thank you for sharing those photos. What an amazing place. I love the chapel with the mosaic.
    Your page is beautiful and evocative.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  17. Such a beautiful place of honor. Thank you so much for sharing it with us ♥

  18. Lovely post Meggy. I really enjoyed seeing your journal page. Happy Tday! Hugs!deb

  19. Great page Yvonne. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Take care, Flo xx

  20. Interesting coincidence that you visited the American war graves....I just recovered my paternal grandfather's war medals & one of them is a bronze star presented by the US war department!