Friday, 29 January 2016

What happened next?

Many years ago I  tried Parchment  crafts, with no joy what so ever.
Then the talented Barbara Gray introduced Groovi Plates to the craft world. 
Quite a revolutionary system and easy to use????
My family decided to buy me a few plates  for Christmas, which was great. But how was I to use them in my
journals etc. So here is one of my first attempts.
A splashed and inky brusho background, and some random stamps.

A photo taken  and off to the computer to  have  a digital play

This could be my last contribution for this month  over at
  Art Journal Journey
as the current theme  Winter Wonderland ends soon.
Chrissie it was a great theme you chose and the inspiration by all the folk over there is fantastic.

Now if you are still with me,  these are my final additions to the page
More colour added, I used a sponge and not a brush, much more fun. A little stencilling spread with some gilding wax when it was dry. The butterfly was lurking under a book.
So this page has moved on  to the glowing days of summer.
Well we can all will come soon.

Thank you for stopping by to see me today,
I always appreciate the comments you leave for me..


  1. Love all the variations, but the blue and wintry one is my fave today. Glad you had fun playing around with your new toys, and thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fabulous combination of all these gorgeous elements from parchment to how you combined it all. xx

  3. Gorgeous Yvonne. I love the addition of the flourishes at the end, but I admit I'm drawn to the cool and frosty snow flurries in the middle one. So wintery and wonderful! hugs :)

  4. Love all the variations with the icy blues really speaking to me just now.
    The vellum piece is a wonderful design element with your creative uses for it.
    Chrissie's theme this month certainly has been fun.

  5. Great pages - both variations - I love the wintery variation as well as the springtime pages!Lovely!
    Thanks a lot for all your beautiful ideas for Art Journal Journey!
    Happy weekend Yvonne!

  6. Great journal pages Yvonne.
    Blogger driving me nuts - I am there in your followers but nowt in my news feed - hopefully have sorted it now by logging in again. x

  7. An amazing conversion Yvonne. The original is special and you have made it even more special for winter. Maybe do it as all of the seasons for a notelet set.

    Thank you for joining in again at AJJ

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Two delightful versions! Cannot choose my favourite as I Love them both :-). I never quite got to grips with the parchment mania that went around & somehow doubt I'll be trying the newer option but it's good that people do make the move to "improved" methods lol.

    Sally xx

  9. Wow! I really love both of these! I must say with that cute snowman the blues win at the moment!! Hugs, Chris
    ps hope you haven't minded me doing a blitz of your blog!

  10. Great work today Yvonne. Fabulous pages! I love all designs but the blue winter is very special... the snowman looks so adorable on that stunning background.
    Hugs, Mar

  11. The vellum element brings a lovely delicate touch to both, you've integrated it so beautifully for both pieces of artwork.

  12. such different looks with the same pages, awesome works!!

  13. I admit I've never used parchment, and never heard of Groovi Plates. But I adore this lovely first attempt. I also like that these are two very, very different pages, but use many of the same elements. It's incredible the different effects and feelings you get by changing the background colors. Lovely new art and lovely new technique.

  14. Love your 2 pages, and your groovi plate image. I had never heard of these so I had to look them up, but I think you used your image quite cleverly. I love the texture you added to the last piece, that cooper color is rich and finishes off the page wonderfully. Hugs!

  15. Love your 2 pages, and your groovi plate image. I had never heard of these so I had to look them up, but I think you used your image quite cleverly. I love the texture you added to the last piece, that cooper color is rich and finishes off the page wonderfully. Hugs!

  16. A very lovely winter scene, but I also love the spring scene. Both variations are well done.

  17. Great season pages, I love them both , but I like more the Spring feeling one, because I'm not a winter person, but you did well by creating both!!!Very pretty!!


  18. All are lovely. My fav is the last one, the colouring is so charming.
    Have a happy Sunday ♥

  19. Love your pages Yvonne, the snowy one is beautifully crisp and wintry and the warm colours of the second one attract me because we are on our way to summer. I love very cold and very hot but not the grey dreariness of the rain in between lol. Thanks for sharing them both.
    happy Sunday.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  20. This is magical!Love the colors, my friend!

  21. This is magical!Love the colors, my friend!

  22. You create too fast. By the time I am caught up you have post several more. I hate to get behind. I have never heard f Groovi Plates but I am going to have to research them. I am afraid they are very expensive. I love what you did with that plate and how your created your variations. There is something about the third one with the colors popping off the page that makes it my favorite. genie

  23. How wonderful to see the seasonal changes in these pages - from the fabulous winter wonderland to the warmth of a summer meadow. I love them both! Always amazed how you exploit the possibilities of digi alteration.
    Alison xx

  24. Wowww, your pages are so fantastic! I love them.
    Hugs Carola

  25. These are wonderful page, all of them.