Thursday, 2 August 2018

Find beauty in every day.

Find beauty in everyday of life's blessings.
To wake in the morning and enjoy the day what ever it may bring..

have set the  new theme for August over at
'Count your Blessings

I  used a piece of ready printed tissue as my background., adding two shades of ink to add colour.   I stamped the quote on a tag, adding a piece of material, I had tried to stamp on the background, this hid a bit of a mess. So not great 
control over stamps yet.

 So how am I counting my blessings today.......freedom  from the heavy weight on  my left arm.   I am now sporting a pull on elastic support bandage.
I am not expecting a miracle to happen fast  as I have less movement than I did,
 the arthritis in that wrist had a field day due to lack of regular exercise. 
However,  I   am I assured it will get back to my sort of normal in time. Things are going to take longer for me to do , but that is  fine with me , I have both my hands back in use again.

Thank you for calling in today, your comments are always appreciated.


  1. You have two blessings to be thankful for today: the incredible journal page and the loss of that heavy cast. Having two hands again can truly be considered a blessing.

    As for your journal page, this is terrific. I was moved by the beauty of this journal page. Everything about it was wonderful. It was a truly captivating entry and I loved the sentiment on the beautiful little tag. It was truly a great first entry to this month's theme at Art Journal Journey.

  2. Oh I am so pleased to hear the good news about your arm Yvonne and having two hands again - yipeee!
    I'm sure it won't be too long until you start seeing and feeling even more improvement :)
    Take things slowly - you'll get there! xx
    I'm sorry I have yet again missed lots of your posts - again I'm blaming the weather plus maybe a bit of heat exhaustion this time. At present our bedroom is reading 83f and thats cooler than last week week 89/89.7f at night arghh!!
    have your rooms been going up to those sort of temps?

    ... and the reason why I'm here.... what a stunning page Yvonne.. thats really beautiful imagery - lovely job!
    Enjoy the rest of the week..
    Gill xxx

  3. Congrats on the loss of the cast! I am sure you will recover soon. And making art is for sure the best physiotherapy for your hand! I adore this wonderful spread --it's simply AMAZING dear Yvonne! We are blessed to have you with us as an arty friend in blogland! Thank you for such a fabulous page linked to Elizabeth's theme... you made so much fantastic art with one hand and nothing can stop your creativity and artful creative urge! You simply rock!
    Quick recovery for you and a happy afternoon from a very hot Susi....
    the heatwave reached us now!
    Hugs, Susi

  4. A BIG blessing is that you are out of the cast and now moving forward. Hurrah! You must be thrilled. Love your page today Yvonne. I can see your arty self is coming through again! Good luck with the healing and using your wrist again. Hugs-Erika

  5. So glad you at last have your arm back, and I'm sure, given time and exercise, it will soon get better and better. Your journal page is gorgeous. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Wow, that's a very nice page. how nice that you can use both arms again.
    Greetings Carola

  7. Great to read you are pulling through nicely. I use a pull on elastic for my frozen shoulder exercises. LOVE your page love it all.xxxx

  8. fantastic spread,love the beautiful bird and little tags,love this.
    happy rest week.

    hugs jenny

  9. Welcome back to the land of 2 hands even if if far from perfect! I'm sure you are very glad to be relieved of the extra weight. This is a very nice spread full of little bits to explore and I'm off to have a real zoom in now lol

    Sally xx

  10. I have EGG on my face. I thought I had received a package from Chris and told her so on her blog. I thought it was from her because she said something was coming and it was addressed with MY (doctor) name without Bleubeard, and to my knowledge, she is the only person who uses that title. Instead, I must let you know I have egg on my face. I'm such a dufus. When I was about to open the package, I saw YOUR name on the back. Thank you in advance and I'll share what you sent at Tuesday T.

  11. So pleased that your cast is off and that you have use of both of your hands now, wishing you a very speedy recovery! Your page is gorgeous! I love the tissue paper design and the way the colours are showing through with your pretty tag and quote - so beautiful 😁. It's a great way to cover up stamping too, I must remember this tip, thank you 😉. Thinking of you and wishing you well! Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊 x

  12. This is wonderful Yvonne! A gorgeous page and the news that your cast is off! As you can see I am on catch up - the signal wasn't so great at the caravan! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. A wonderful page Yvonne and I’m so glad that the cast is off at last.
    xxx Hazel.

  14. What a lovely piece!!! And yay for getting the cast off! wishing you a quick recovery!

  15. Yay! I know you will remember this day - Freedom Day. Your journal page is so lovely and vintage-grungy. You found the beauty. xoxoxo