Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Tea time , sugar lumps and Abbeys

A Tea time  collage page.
Nearly all recycled bits and pieces and magazine cut outs . 
I added some colour and random stamps to fill the white space.
Regular callers here will guess that I will be sharing this page over at
 and Alison's Recycle /Collage theme.

However its also Tuesday and Tea Day.
an opportunity to visit with friends over at

where we are always very welcome with a drinks related post.

More photos today from our trip to the Scottish Borders.
These ones are of    Abbeys we visited. 
I am so pleased we are able to keep these buildings even  though they are now ruins. If buildings could talk, these ones would have a story lasting hundreds of years to tell

First stop Dryburgh Abbey
[Link for information]

There was a small museum, mainly boards with facts and other stones,
 I took these photos of the more interesting ones.
Now this was a ruin, but the stonework looked magestic
[Link for information]

Now was a good time to stop and find somewhere to have a   break
We found a lovely old pub that served small portion meals at lunch times.

Simple  homely food,  I had lasagna , chips with a salad side 
which I completely missed off the photo.
The tea was hot and strong and very reviving, so restored we set off  back to Melrose where we were staying,  to see their  beautiful old Abbey 

Melrose Abbey
[[Link for information]
There was an interesting museum building  on the site as well
The workings  of this turret clock looked amazing and were  well looked after.

I was also interested in some model figures on show, 
the work and detail in their making , they must have taken hours  to construct.

Well thank you if you have stayed with me through this post,
you will have gathered I like old churches and ruins.
There is one more  Abbey we visited, but I will save that for another day.

Happy Tuesday wishes to everyone who has called in to see me today.


  1. I love your fabulous tea time collage page Yvonne - thank you so much for linking such a fantastic entry to Art Journal Journey! Those Abbeys look all so good - even the ruin one is a wowser- I would love to see theme in reality as well! Thank you for showing the intersting photos! The lunch looks yummie !!! Happy T-Day and thank you for all your support to Art Journal Journey again ♥♥♥
    Hugs, Susi

  2. LOVE your tea journal page, so pretty. And the photos of the abbey ruins are wonderful, I used to love visiting them in England. The pictures from the museum are most interesting, too, what a wonderful trip you had, and you saw so many great places. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. i have a weak spot for abbeys, ruins and old Castles... i´m sure i´ll never see them all in Person, so i appreciate seeing them through your lens! i also loved to see the exhibited pieces!
    happy t-day - i like your tea page, but i´m joining you with coffee:) xox

  4. A fabulous tea time collage page and wonderful photos of the abbeys, have a lovely day.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. A really nice teatime spread you have on your page Yvonne.

    What great abbeys to find along the way and always wonderful to see the photographs you share with us-thank you

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Lovely collage Yvonne, love how the teabag is joined from the button, very clever.xx 💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

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  8. starting over- I messed up my last comment:)
    Your teatime page is utterly delightful, and the burlap flower really packs a punch on the page! How I adore those ancient buildings. Amazing to think how they did such meticulous work back then. Looks so charming all around, including the pubs. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  9. Great, love this alot. great photos of the Abbey

  10. I love your tea time art page very much. and wow I loved all the photos you shared with us. The food looks delicious
    Happy T Day Kathy

  11. Your collage is wonderful and I was so impressed with all the recycled pieces you put together to turn this into a glorious entry for Art Journal Journey. Thanks for linking, but also thanks for all you do on the recycling end, too.

    You bring those old abbeys to life when you share them with us. If these were in the states, we would have razed them, parceled off the land, and built high rise skyscrapers. Thankfully,these will stay intact for generations to come, appreciate, and enjoy. The tales they could each tell, I'm sure. Even the ruins were lovely. I always appreciate when you visit one of these old places and share your fantastic photos with us.

    Of course, I also enjoyed your meal, along with your tea, of course. Thanks for sharing these photos, your Art Journal Journey entry, and your tea and lasagna with us for T this Tuesday. I loved the photo of the daffodil centerpiece, too.

  12. Your tea time page is a real treat, and it was fun to sit down and enjoy a cup with you as I read your post too 😁. You always visit such facinating places, the abbey looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing and sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  13. Such lovely china in your tea time collage! What a delightful trip with the beautiful scenery and the fascinating exhibits. And the pub looks welcoming with that pretty flower and hearty food. Happy T Tuesday :)

  14. wonderful tea time page,its real treat,love the soft colors and images on your page,enyoi your tea,dear yvonne.

    happy week,dear.

    hugs jenny

  15. Darling tea time page, Yvonne. Perfect for the AJJ challenge and for T-day.

    The abbey ruins are fascinating and well worth preserving. Melrose is especially nice. I'm enchanted by the figurines in the dress of the day. Just lovely.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  16. Your trip looked fascinating! Would love to see the Abbeys! Enjoyed your post and your journal page as well!
    Happy T Day!

  17. A fun tea time journal page,love the collage. Beautiful photos of the church ruins- so interesting and a bit mysterious to look at and wonder...happy T Day! ☕

  18. that is wonderful tea time collage and the photos are beautiful and interesting!!!!
    greetings Elke

  19. Your tea themed journal page is lovely and perfect for today's theme. I absolutely LOVE the pictures of your excursion to Scotland, someplace I have always wanted to visit. Your are right, the stonework is utterly majestic. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your photos and the links.
    Happy Tea Day, Yvonne.

  20. Lovely collage piece. very appropriate for T-Day.
    Thank you for taking us to the abbeys of Scotland. I also enjoyed the links to find out more. The dolls at the museum are wonderful. I would have liked to see more of them, so I went to the Commandator's House web page. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy T-Day,

  21. Beautiful, also your other works of the last time. Finally I had time to visit you here again.
    Greetings Carola

  22. You certainly managed to get a few abbeys in on your recent visit to the Borders! Nice collection of bits have found their way onto your journal pages :-)

    Sally xx

  23. I love walking around old buildings and looking at the art of the architecture. The detail of the dolls is incredible. My favorite was the monk working in the scriptorium. As to food, I like good, plain, homestyle food. Loved the flowers in the bottle for a vase. Looking forward to the visit of the other abbey. Happy T Day

  24. Thank you Yvonne for taking me with you on your trip... I love seeing the old Abbey and ruins. I love collage and i've often toyed with the idea of devoting a whole book to it.. Something about cutting and pasting is just relaxing isn't it.. No stress.. no pressure to make a masterpiece just enjoy.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  25. A wonderful collage page, & I love your photos too Yvonne! I love an old ruin myself! :-) xxx

  26. Love your tea time layout, the burlap flower with the button is a fantastic addition. Looks like such beautiful places to visit, I wish we had some ruins and places like that where I live. hugs :)

  27. Great collage, Yvonne, and a very interesting trip, the museum looks fabulous.
    Hugs, Mar

  28. Your journal page makes for a very refreshing time for tea. Beautiful pictures of the Abbeys and artifacts, makes me miss my days when the children were younger sight seeing and visiting every Castle we came across where ever we travelled.
    You light Lunch was well deserved before setting off again. Thank you for sharing Yvonne.
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  29. A lovely teatime collage and lovely photos of your visits, I must admit I enjoy wandering round old ruins - if only walls could talk!
    Avril xx

  30. I love the teatime collage! Good to find somewhere serving light lunches - we prefer that too! I had no idea there were so many abbeys near the Borders your photos have made us add this area to our list!! Hugs, Chrisx