Saturday 16 December 2017

Having fun

A couple of hybrid  journal pages to share with you today.
both were started in the usual inky, hands on   manner
 and then finished in the  digital computer program I use [notes in my sidebar]

On the left is how the first  page started out.
 Watercolour wash and some raised stencils.
This first one is all about celebrating and having a good time.  I am sure there are many folk out
 having parties at this time of year.
The staff in the local hairdressers were telling me about their outing last week and they were still  on a high as they described the fun they had.

This is a more quieter celebration page.
My ballerina's wish came true and she hopes  yours will  too.

I will be joining the folk over at Art Journal Journey
  for Sheila's theme of
Lets Celebrate

I am also adding a reminder for the current Try it on Tuesdays 

Challenge theme of
Twinkle Twinkle.

Thank you for calling in to see me   at this busy time of the year.
Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Both pages are simply AMAZING! You never cease to amaze with your hybrid ART - unique style Yvonne!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend - I had a wonderful Saturday afternoon nap and coffee and cake with the hubby just now whilst our daughter has to work her hard Saturday job in the super market - she told me that not so much is going on there - I am sure she will have much to do next Saturday as we here traditionally celebrate Christmas on the 24th and that is Sunday this time.
    Happy rest of your weekend my friend! Thank you very much for your continued support for the theme at AJJ again!

  2. Both pieces are wonderful Yvonne, but my fave is the lovely blue one. Enjoy your weekend, hugs, Valerie

  3. who oo beautiful pieces both ;O))

  4. Your first painting has great energy, the couple are rocking. Lovely that is is made in blues too. It's really beautifully made with all the details.
    After a rather hectic day, I am leaning towards the purple peace of the second. I love the stars and her iridescent wings.
    Thanks for joining in again with the theme at AJJ, always lovely to see you there.

  5. These are fabulous Yvonne. I especially like the first one with the couple doing the swing dance. Your background is cool by itself and then digitally adding the dancers really livens it up. :) Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. Both of these are so pretty but I especially love the second one! I am loving the ballerina, stars and lovely lavender.

  7. Two fabulous makes.xx Due to preparations to going away for a couple of weeks I will not be able to comment on your posts until after January 10th. I will have a few scheduled posts but please do not be worried to comment as it's a busy time and family is more important. Have a wonderful and safe[aNNie]🎄⛄

  8. Were you a dancer in a previous life, Yvonne? These are wonderful and elevate dance to an entirely new and beautiful level. Thanks for sharing these two gorgeous journal entries with us at Art Journal Journey today.

  9. Wonderful dancing themed pages 😁. It's amazing that you created two pieces that are such polar opposites and I have to say that I love both of your wishes for Christmastime - what could be better than having fun and wishes coming true, thank you! The fun and lively "Reach for the Stars" page is such a celebration with its bright background and joyous dancers. Your ballerina piece is so peaceful with the beautiful ballerina and magical background - amazing 😁. I hope you are having a lovely weekend! We've just got back after visiting family, lots of travelling involved so it's nice to be home 😉. Happy Sunday and may you have fun and your wishes come true this Christmastime! J 😊 x

  10. Wow your cards are just beautiful? they are amazing-hugs Kathy

    1. oops I meant to say not cards but your journal pages I have christmas cards on my mind lol

  11. Both look wonderful Yvonne, tht couple certainly look as if they are having fun and the ballerina looks so serene! Let's hope her wishes will come true...

  12. Always enjoy your pages Yvonne. I've had so much going on, I've missed some of your posts, hoping to be able to catch up soon. I will post to my blog soon, it's been a long time. I actually did some stamping today!! :)

  13. Both are really beautiful Yvonne and full of energy. I love the dancers on both pages very much.
    Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday, sorry I've missed so many of your posts - and I hope all is well
    at your end of the world.
    Gill xx

  14. Great journal pages Yvonne, love the ballerina page, it's a gorgeous image.
    Avril xx

  15. Two brilliant pages - I love the fun the top couple are having and then the wonderful contrast with your serene ballet dancer! Hugs, Chrisx