Monday, 4 December 2017

Diaries and gingerbread!

These are my last three journal diary pages.
for 2017. It was some of  the folk over at T Stands for Tuesday that got me interested in keeping a daily diary, not something I have ever been good at, always started with good intentions,
 but until this year never completed.
I am well on the way this year to having a full day by day diary filled.
and have some  dates for December in advance.

I am sharing this post with  Bleubeard and Elizabeth 
where we are always made welcome with a drinks related post

I hope you are close to a chair as  this  may be a shock 
to those of you  who know I prefer tea.......

It is a Gingerbread Latte......
and it was as delicious as it looked.
It was a  lovely way to finish the meal we had  eaten in Frankie and Benny's. 
This is a chain of Italian restaurants.
The place was full of folk, so sorry no photos of the inside. 
 OH had a  meat feast Calzone and I had pasta with chicken and prawns.
The smile of the day was a trip to the Loo[WC] where you could listen to an
 Italian-English language tape being played through the sound system.
I just had to have a listen for myself after the OH told me about it  and had a good laugh with a lady of a similar age,  when we heard the translations.
 Shall I say the phrases  we heard were relevant to out location.

Thank you for calling in to see me today and Happy Tea day wishes to you all.


  1. Your gingerbread latte sounds so yummy! Your diary pages are so beautiful. Graphic 45 paper is one of those paper lines that I always hoard. ;)
    Happy tea Day,

  2. Your last 3 journal pages look fabulous and congrats on finishing (or almost) the year. I need to pick up a calendar for next year because I have enjoyed doing my calendar also.I'm not a coffee drinker but that latte looks pretty good and very festive too. Perfect after such a good dinner. Happy T day Yvonne. Hugs--Erika

  3. The journal pages are wonderful. A gingerbread latte sounds super yummy!!
    Happy T day!

  4. A most fabulous page and yummy food.xx[aNNie]πŸŽ„

  5. Yummy, good food and a very exotic looking drink. Glad you have been having fun with your diaries. The pages look great. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. I was just explaining to another reader how wimpy my calendar pages were compared to others, and I see your journal is fabulous. I don't use mine for appointments, but more as a diary of what happened that specific day. I think yours is so beautiful and artistic. I'm so glad you shared it.

    I didn't exactly fall over, but I got very hungry looking at that gorgeous latte. The little gingerbread cookies in the cream were simply adorable. What a fabulous treat and great eye candy, too.

    Thanks for sharing your calendar and your latte (and food) with us for T this Tuesday, dear Yvonne.

  7. Loving your pages and well done you for getting it completed!!!

  8. i know what you mean about keeping daily journals... don´t ask how many are laying aroung with few pages and then quit... so congrats for filling it up!!
    and i would love to have a Cup of this very delicious looking gingerbread latte!! happy t-day:)

  9. So great to have kept up with your journal. I wouldn't have even begun!! Maybe someday...

  10. I'm not good a keeping a daily journal so kudos to you for doing so. The gingerbread latte looks so good and I love the little gingerbread man. Looks like he's floating in a hot tub. Have a Happy T Day!

  11. Amazing pages! In love your designs and the papers you used are gorgeous.I bet the whole book looks stunning, you did so well completing it every day too - many congratulations 😁. I love gingerbread and your latte looks so stylish with the cream and little gingerbread men on top! Your meal looks so delicious too, I'm not sure which one I would prefer to eat as they are both great choices - yum πŸ˜‹. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  12. Congrats on having kept up with your journal.Te pages look great! I will start an art diary next year as well as you all inspired me a lot! The gingerbread latte looks so good and te calzone and pasta as well . Can imagine that "translations on the WC" are fun! Hihi!
    Happy T-Day dear Yvonne!
    oxo Susi

  13. Such a tempting drink for the season :) I've never heard of Frankie and Benny's, but the food looks good. I'd definitely try that restaurant if there were one near me. Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Yvonne! your latte looks so yummy.... i'm envisioning hot Congratulations on keeping your diary... I've kept one for thirty years... but not an art one.. just a written one... I think the key was to not make it a chore .. just do it when i felt like it.. Hugs! deb

  15. good for you and your daily journal pages-love the ones you posted-oh my the gingerbread latte sounds so good as does your meal-Wishing you a happy tuesday and a good rest of the week Kathy

  16. Your journal diary looks fabulous! I am sure you will enjoy reading back your diary pages in the future! Very handy for helping remember when certain events took place too! We love Franky and Benny's for the music as much as the food! Happy T day! Chrisx

  17. By keeping a daily diary, do you mean simply writing notes on every day or did you do the lovely steampunk layouts as well? BTW, I love the wintry birds in your header. The picture beautifully colored. Your gingerbead latte, OH's calzone and the chicken with pasta look delicious ... just the thing for chilly weather.

    Happy T-day, Yvonne! Hugs, Eileen

    1. Hi Eileen, it was just writing notes on the calendar side of the spread every day, the other side I created as I went through the year.

  18. WOW, that gingerbread latte looks incredible! How adorable are those little gingerbread men. The pasta looks delicious, too.

    Good luck with your diary--it looks like it's going really well. Happy T Day! ☕️

  19. That latte looks really nice, only, I don't like ginger so I guess it's not for me. I do likea chai latte though.
    Yes, I've been to Frankie and Benny's. There is one near the cinema where we used to live in Bristol. We would sometimes pop in before or after a film. That calzone looks spectacular. I oove calzone but they are always so huge and messy to eat, so I have pizza and when I can't finish it I take the remainder home.
    Well done you for keeping a diary, and such a pretty one at that. I love the steam punk theme.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  20. Yum - I do like the occasional gingerbread latte. Love your diary pages - those papers must be inspiring you to sit down and write. I'm always thinking a diary would be a good thing - but it seems my blog is the closest I'll ever get to regularly jotting down random thoughts!
    Alison x