Saturday, 5 August 2017

Just Breathe

Do you ever get times  when you wonder where the day has gone,
 well I have  many weeks like that , never mind days.
 So, to have some me time in the craft room,  while I am waiting for paint to dry on another project. I thought I would begin a  digital page  for Jo's theme  of  Poetry in Motion, where we can add a quote, poem saying, that may have inspired our work.

Big mistake for me, as more than   two hours  later and I am still playing in my digital program,
the paint is dry and it will have to wait for another day.
I rather like this quote,  it seems quite relevant to the way we tend to speed through the day
and never stop to take a little time for ourselves.

A little reminder today as well for the current Try it on Tuesdays theme which is 
Post Cards,
  all the information is here

Thank you for calling in and I hope you all have a good weekend.

Digital information can
 be found in my sidebar.


  1. Gorgeous page and a wonderful quote. I am waiting for a day when the time doesn't fly by so quickly, but it's evidently not in the programme! Enjoy your weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fantastic page Yvonne and always great to take time out for a deep breath or two. The background colours and additions are fantastic.

    We have been out on trains and buses all day and it is a great way to not think at all I have music on my I-pod as we travel and have come back refreshed.

    Enjoy your evening

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. I know what you mean, the days and months seem to fly by and your page is such a lovely reminder that we need to breathe and enjoy the moment! Your pretty lady looks very content doing just that and I love the transparency of the images that you have layered in the background especially the daisies 😀. Thanks for linking another fabulous page to Art Journal Journey and wishing you a lovely weekend! J 😊

  4. What a wonderful page to remind us to enjoy the moment! SO beautiful made!
    Iwish you a happy weekend dear Yvonne! Thank you for joining Jo's theme again!

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  6. Time take is important ..
    A wonderful fantasy page with your great background!
    Happy weekend

  7. Your page is very beautiful, Yvonne. Love the fabulous background and sweet image.
    I also think the most important is enjoy the little moments! Great quote!
    Mar xx

  8. Such a lovely page, the quote is great and you have illustrated it so well.
    Jean x

  9. Wonderful digi pagae, I am always amazed how you make these digi pages look so real.
    Lovely and very true quote.... I think most of us have been there at some point...

  10. Gorgeous page and a wonderful quote, i love this

  11. Fabulous page Yvonne and such a great quote with a message we all need to focus on now and again xxx

  12. This is fabulous, Yvonne. I can get wrapped up in my computer, too, but I don't have the digital skills to create art like you. You are right that things are moving quickly, and I hope your advice to slow down and breathe will be taken by all of us in blogland. Thanks for this beautiful and inspiring page.

  13. Beautiful and colours are stunning.x [aNNie]

  14. Lovely page Yvonne. I think we all have days where the hours just fly by, but doing artwork in those hours is a good thing, :)

  15. Oh yes. Hours, days, weeks, years... where did it all go!! A wonderful page and the quote is fantastic, something I have really come to live by recently. sending hugs Yvonne. Hope you're enjoying your summer :)

  16. georgus page,so peacefull and beautiful,love your drawing girl,just sweetie face she had,love this.
    and the poem is wonderful with this.
    happy sunday.

    hugs jenny

  17. I love this page.The face is lovely and the background is amazing.

    Love ♥ Farbtraeumerin

  18. Hi Yvonne, the page is wonderful. Love it!
    I was not long here ( holiday), your latest works are also wonderful.
    Greetings Carola

  19. It sounds to me as though you had exactly the experience being celebrated on this page... you were in the moment and enjoying it to the full... nothing wrong with that!
    Alison x

  20. Beautiful page Yvonne. Like your quote. My comment back to you. Those who really can breath without using a oxygen are very fortunate. I am one of them. Most of my friends use Oxygen.

  21. A beautiful page and a very apt quote for me (and hubby) We are home from the caravan with a round of appointments and in between meeting up with family, painting the hallway and shopping! Hugs, Chrisx

  22. Fabulous digi page, love the composition and quote.