Monday 16 January 2017

T stands for Tuesday and a Diary

First of all hello and welcome to all of you stopping by today
 and to the folk who  share a cuppa and natter , over at 
 T stands for Tuesday.

I have seen many friends in Blogland keeping a daily planner/ diary,
 I've never been able to keep one going, good intentions blow out of the window.
But, I think if I  leave it open  on my desk at night,
 it will prompt me to write even just one word a day.

 Cardboard at the ready to  make the binder, piles of papers collected over the years, a hole punch, glue and  another of my bargain buys a 2017 calendar for £1

This was taken apart. I will be using the fun pictures in other projects

It is so dull today that the photos aren't that good, but I think you will get the idea

I was quite careful when sticking stuff down to leave openings to tuck things in

I have more photos  to take  of the other pages.
Also the front cover is work in progress.

The mess with paper trimmings was by now piled  high, time to get a large bag to get the scraps.
loaded into the recycling bin.

As predicted not all the scraps went into the bag.

My choice of drink was plain water with lemon , although it sank to the bottom of the cup,
 I am trying to cut back on the tea for a few days, and water is good for us.!!!!!!
Just off to find a tea bag..... no will power tonight.

Happy T day everyone


  1. It seems we are covering similar topics today! I love how you made your planner, like you I am keeping mine where I will see it every day! Mmmm! Lovely scraps but I am trying to break a habit!! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  2. I think your calendar looks beautiful Yvonne. I hope your plan works. I think leaving it open on your desk is a fantastic idea. :) And happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

  3. LOVE the toile calendar cover- and I must go look but I swear I have that same pattern and color in fabric purchased in Paris some time ago. Your planner looks great and I'm sure you will be happy to have it to record events thru the year. Happy T day!

  4. Love the making of your calender and the cover is beautiful Yvonne.

  5. I keep my calendar on my night stand and write something each night. Your calendar is beautiful and puts mine to shame. Even one word will help you recall what happened that day when you look back on it at the end of the year, and in years to come. I am so in awe of the beauty of yours.

    Is that Meg I see peeking out behind the scraps? She looks good holding your water and lemon. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous calendar art and your water with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. Your diary looks wonderful, it's always nice to write down some memories!!
    Have fun!!

  7. That would have been hard for me to throw all those scraps away! Your planner is gorgeous, have fun. Happy T Day,hugs, Valerie

  8. Yes leave it open on your desk - that will help! You made a wonderful planner!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  9. wow, you put a lot of effort in this planner - and it was worth it! Looks really great and hopefully fills with lots of good events!
    happy t-day!

  10. Happy T Day Yvonne

    Brave of you to make a planner. I started one and filled in three days then it got hidden under a new calendar which is blank so far. Hope to see more of this project.

    I love water and a squeeze of lemon so will join you in that

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Your journal looks fantastic! Great find on the calendar. Can't wait to see what you do with the pretty cover.

  12. I love the French fabric (or is it paper?) on your planner. Well done you. I have a planner too (Bought) and I leave it open. I write tings that are meant to happen, appointments, menu etc in it, so when I start the day, I look to see what I must not forget to do that day.
    Yes, water with lemon is very refreshing. Especially hot water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning apparently is very healthy.
    Have a good week,

  13. Your planner is gorgeous, I love all the papers you have used and the themes! The vintage look and feel would inspire me to write in it everyday just to look at the beautiful art work you have created! I always enjoy hot water and drink it throughout the day - Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. Love your calendar Yvonne. Everything you create is pure magic!I don't have a planner but I have a poetry book, a cut and paste collage / drawing/ painting book and a diary. I have been altering another book too. I think I have zillions things going on but time is never enough to do what I want.Happy T Day! J :-)

  15. MeggyMay... water is not my drink of choice either.... I have to make rules for myself to get me to drink it... I drink my coffee in the morning then i switch over to water for the rest of the day... I drink two bottles sometimes three then when we settle down for the night to watch TV etc... I can have something else ... soda etc... Its been working for me and i feel better for doing it.. I love your planner... I have kept a journal for 30+ years...sometimes i write alot , sometimes just a few lines and sometimes a month will have gone by and i've hardly written at all... My journal is there for me.. if and when i need it to sort something out or get out frustrations or remember something beautiful... I try not to make it such a chore or beat myself up about it if i don't write in it everyday... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  16. This is a beautiful planner, I love G45 papers.
    I am just starting to make myself use a planner, I've got to get some organization as far as crafting, blogging and housework. I also started journaling this last fall, so far I've been keeping it up........but I write in the mornings about the day before.......just easier for me. Like Deb, sometimes just a few word, sometimes I run out of space.
    Your cover is so pretty just the way it is.
    Water............I try to get a least a couple 16 oz bottles, if not more in me everyday. It is harder when the weather is chilly or freezing...LOL!!
    Thanks for the earlier visit and the comment. Happy T-day

  17. Good luck with your planner :) I agree water is always the best thing for us, and lemon makes it nicer. But sometimes you just want a little something.... else ;)

  18. Your planner is looking wonderful already.
    Really lovely toile cover too!
    I read where drinking just hot water is good for the metabolism and it's nice and warming too.
    Adding lemon is refreshing for the throat too.
    Happy T Day dear Yvonne.

  19. What a great vintage look planner. Leaving it out should help, but I bet the little pockets will also call to you. Great idea to put a bunch of those in.

  20. I love the "toile de Jouy" cover that's on there!

    Sally xx

  21. Love your beautiful planner Yvonne. The G45 papers and the cover are fabulous!
    Mar xx

  22. Your planner looks great and I know exactly what you mean about those intentions... mine always get lost in the shuffle.
    Happy T Day!!!

  23. The toile cover is lovely. I never would have thought about the calendar makeover. Love all the little pockets, too. Water and lemon is supposed to aid in digestion. Will Power? Who is Will Power? (-; Happy T Day

  24. What a beautiful idea for a planner Yvonne, this is so much more creative and convenient than a wall hang version! The blue pattern on the cover is lovely and I love how you have designed the inside pages. Wonderful piece!

  25. Love the planner and how you've used the calendar pages. A lovely alteration, beautiful papers and details.
    Avril xx

  26. What a great panel - clever to include the calendar pages as well as all those lovely design papers. I hope it will serve its purpose through the year.
    Alison x

  27. Thanks for sharing your ideas and your gorgeous project Yvonne.
    This will so useful and lovely to look back on at the end of the year.
    The trouble with seeing something like this and your other beautiful collage post using scraps
    is, it encourages me to hoard more things too ha ha :)
    Have a great weekend... Gill xx

  28. I love your redesigned planner/calendar!! a great idea to just write a word or sentence per day...and your collages are stunning. Love that you left room for more bits to be tucked in! happy Tuesday!

  29. OK, so I only caught this now, but better late than never right? I love how you put this together, you have just given me inspiration to do something similar next year and it sure is the best way to use up all those paper scraps. Your pages are beautiful!!!