Monday, 23 January 2017

Its T day .---teapots and tags

Hello friends a warm welcome to all who  call in to see me  today.
At   Bleubeard and Elizabeths   its 
T stands for Tuesday

So this is my tea related post.

I had some new Paper Artsy stamps last week and this is the first chance I have had to ink any up.  I decided on a tag, this may stop me from adding too much.

The tag is also a reminder for the current TioT's theme...Anything but square.

 A sprayed ink base, 

I did try to stop here, but went on to add a little texture through a stencil,. Not a good idea when I found I had gone over some of the image. This had be re -stamped and fussy cut.

As you can see Mr Robin is still hanging around ,  he is my mug of choice for today.

Tea Pots for T day.

I do have a few teapots on  the dresser and I did try to get photos,  but  its  in the hall,  I had to move them to a lighter shelf so I could get a better picture.

The elephant one  is about 40 years old  bought in France, if I remember it was a promotion pot for  a brand of tea. It has been well used over the years, but is now in retirement.

This little stove has never seen hot water, It would only hold half a cup.

These two pots were presents from my sons. Those of you who follow my ramblings will know that one of the  family's main outdoor interests is  competing in Off   Road Land Rover competitions.
So the blue one has special memories for us all. 

This last teapot was a gift from my hubby . I have to  smile, as it is always known as the" choose your own".
 My brew of choice would be a Hot cuppa,
while the rest of the family would like a nice glass of wine with their cheese. So one pot  suits all.

Thank you for calling in to see me.
Happy T day .


  1. Love that tag! Those stamps are such fun(I just know I will be getting more of them!) Loved seeing your teapots - my Mum used to have a few but not being a tea drinker they are now my brother's house! Happy T Day! Hugs, Chrisx

  2. Those are super Tea pots. I just love them. Your tag is so much fun too. I like your background=its perfect for those bright colored images. I think that quote could be true for me too-seeing I'm pretty short. So maybe when I grow up I will be taller. Ha! Ha! Hugs-Erika

  3. I love your tag. I think you were talking to me since I'm only 4'11" tall. Had to laugh at that one, since I'm probably never going to grow up.

    Those teapots are incredible. I've never seen any like them before, and each is so very different and unique. I genuinely love them all. Of course, the last one was the best, because it had such a personal feel to it, as did the off road one.

    Thanks for sharing your tag, your lovely robin mug, and your wonderful teapots with us for T this Tuesday. They are really lovely.

  4. ooh what wonderful and unique tea pots!! Love those sweet new stamps and the art tag you made. Happy T day!

  5. Your tag brought a smile to my face.......very, very cute.
    ALL your tea pots are adorable, and very unusual.
    Happy T-day

  6. that tag is just gorgeous! and a good saying!
    what a fun collection of tea pots you have. and i always like your Robin mug. which reminds me that we almost have no birds this winter, very strange. and sad. i hope spring will bring them back.
    happy t-day, Yvonne!

  7. Great tag and wow to those crazy tea pots! Happy T day, must rush, got an appointment at the doc's- Hugs, Valerie

  8. A great tag and amazing, unique teapots dear Yvonne!
    Happy T-Day to you!
    oxo Susi

  9. Awesome collection of tea pots Yvonne, and love that tag..xx{aNNie}

  10. Happy T Day Yvonne

    Such a great post with the magical teapot collection and the wonderful tag

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Love the tag Yvonne, cute stamp. Great selection of teapots such a fun collection.
    Val x

  12. Your teapots are so cute! I would want them out on display too! Darling tag, the quote is perfect. I have seen the Ikea frame video for a stamping tool, looks like it would work well. Hope you find some magnets that will work for you, it's a great alternative.

  13. Great tag, the background splatters and stamping are gorgeous! I can relate to the quote too, my hubby is a full one foot two inches taller than me ... lol :-). Thanks for sharing your marvellous collection of teapots and stories behind them - they are so magical! Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. Wowwwww Yvonne !! I love your so fabulous tag !! Really gorgeous ! I also love your collection of teapots !!! It´s great ! very original, unique !! I wish you a very happy day, big hugs.Caty

  15. What a fun tag! I think my DD would completely agree with your quote. She's a shrimp compared to all of her friends. :)
    Super fun tea pots.
    Happy T day!

  16. Meggy i LOVE your tag and the quote on it... What a great collection of tea pots! I especially like the stove one ! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  17. What a cute tag!Lovely!Your collection of teapots is amazing. Love all of them!Happy T-Day!

  18. Your tag made me laugh. I reached my full adult height when I was 7 years old :-D. The little bird on the card and the background along with your robin cup, so Spring-y on this grey, freezing drizzle of a day after a storm. Your teapot collection is adorable. I don't think I've ever seen such unusual shapes for teapots. Have a Happy T Day!

  19. Oh yes, I love this tag, it would be great fun to have hanging around. Super quote too, shows great confidence.
    That's a very pretty robin mug, and I enjoyed the teapot tour.

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  21. Your tag is great! Love the sprayed background. The sentiment is cute. I can identify with that as i am very short.
    What a beautiful teapot collection! Thank you for photographing them specially for us. THe off road vehicle is great but I love the other one, the yellow one, which of course is a French 2CV, the ugly duckling as it was called in its day. Because of its suspension, it was widely used as an off road vehicle although it did not have 4-wheel drive. we used to go on picnics with my friend's 2CV and take all the chairs out and use those to sit on. What a laugh!
    Happy T-Day,

  22. I deleted my previou comment becaue the letter S sticks on my key board and the comment had become illegible.

  23. I love your tag, and your new stamps and quote are great. You have a super collection of teapots,they each look unique and interesting.
    Jean x

  24. Oh! Those teapots! I think the elephant is my favorite. Happy T Tuesday :)

  25. What wonderful teapots! I've never seen the like of them. And what a darling darling tag. All's well that ends well. Your boo-boo with the texture added some fussy cutting, but also gave your tag extra dimension. That's always a good thing ;-) Happy T Day, Yvonne! XOX Eileen

  26. Love the tag and you did such a great job on it!!! You have some extremely interesting teapots for sure... The elephant has to be my favorite as I;m in love with elephants right now ♥♥♥♥ Thanks for sharing!!! Happy T DAY!

  27. Your tag made me 62, I still say 'when I grow up,' but I've given up on the 'growing taller' bit! such cute tea pots too...thanks for sharing them, they are so unique!

  28. Great tag and aren't those new PA stamps fab?
    Amanda x

  29. A great teapot collection Yvonne... the elephant is extraordinary!
    Love your adorable tag!
    Mar xx

  30. WONDERFUL! The background and design is fantastic. I love it.
    The tea pots are funny.
    Greetings Carola