Saturday, 7 January 2017

Morf and Idris for AJJ

Erika's theme for this month over at
is..... Every Journal page a tells a Story.

This tale came to me after finding a file of old photos,
 including this  Bookmark that I have made in the past.
 So I have altered it into this hybrid/digital page.

Here we have 'Idris,' the friendly dragon,
 getting quite a surprise when he sees  'Morf'' giving him
 a  big cheesy grin.
He wondered WHY?  Morf .......usually ran away when saw him.
He smiled back and gave him a wave and they got chatting.
Morf said,  that his big brother  had told him there were no such things as dragons and that they were monsters he should be scared of.....  why was he making up stories  about seeing  dragons.
Idris sighed and told Morf, that many folk were frightened and  didn't believe he was real.
Maybe,  Morf would go and tell evetyone,  that all Idris wanted,
 was to be friends. He couldn't help how he looked, inside he was just him, a big friendly dragon.

Mind you I think I may have got a scare seeing the grin
 on Morf''s face and ran off in the other direction.. if I'd been Idris.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome
 and I appreciate the comments you leave for me.


  1. What a fabulous page, love this and the sentiment sure makes you think....great images page...x

  2. Fantastic journal page and story, love the fun characters. Your page cheered me up on this cold and dismal day, thanks, and thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs Valerie

  3. What a lovely idea to take the tag and make it into a page! What a lovely story Yvonne!
    Happy Saturday!
    oxo Susi

  4. Super page. Great post.
    Hugs Flo x

  5. This is a GREAT post Yvonne. I LOVE your story. And your quote speaks to me right now since the world-aka life- seems so uncertain right now. What's this year going to bring. I need to be one of those people becomes friend with Idris. Glad you joined up to AJJ! Happy Saturday-or what's left of your day. Hugs-Erika

  6. I love this fun page and your story. A great quote too.
    Jean x

  7. A great page Yvonne and I love the story.
    Avril xx

  8. Love this fantastic page with your super bookmark and quote! I like your story too!
    Mar xx

  9. It would be great to have a friendly dragon, and Morf looks very happy to have found one! Cute page.

  10. So lovely your bookmard !! Love Morf and Idris !!lovely story ! Big hugs.

  11. Such a fun page capturing a wonderful story! The layers of colours and images are lovely especially the friendly red dragon :-). Wishing you a great start to the week! J :-)

  12. Your fun page about Morf and Idris is just what I needed to start my day. This is wonderful, and just like something you would dream up in your imagination.

  13. Great story and illustration. Poor dragon, always having people being frightened of him. As you said, Morf looks pretty scary himself.
    I like your quote, how true this is (normally).

  14. What a fun piece Yvonne! Idris and Morf sure tell an interesting story with the facial expressions! lol. Such a great page! hugs :)

  15. Hmm, Morf does have a bit of an evil grin, don't think I'd be happy to meet hime after dark! I love this fun page! Hugs, Chrisx