Tuesday 20 December 2016

Tea and cakes

Hello  everyone and thank you for stopping by to see me today.
Christmas is fast approaching and everyone seems to be in a rush.

Welcome to friends who call in from

Where we get to share a drink related post and are made to feel very much at home 
by Elizabeth and Bleubeard.

At the back end of last week,
I decided to have some  'me'  time.

Relax with cup of my favourite brew and do some colouring   and for sure it worked.

The page was from the Colouring Studio Magazine/Book .
I didn't finish it all in one session, it did take a couple of days including finishing the page in my digital program.

So after relaxing I felt I must tackle icing the Christmas cake. First up,  the  marzipan rolled, 
the cake painted in jam so it would stick.

Iced in the traditional  way for my family, with a thick layer of Royal icing  flicked up
 to look like snow .

It will have a few decorations added when I find them, they are currently stored in a safe place from last year.
Yes we use the same ones, fir trees and a snowman.

Only a few more days now until  Christmas is celebrated, if you are busy .
I hope you take a little time out for yourself, relax, I can really recommend it.

Christmas wishes to you all friends who call in today
Happy T day.  


  1. Your journal page is gorgeous, and I loved seeing your marzipan ready to go on the cake, I miss Christmas cake here! Happy T Day, happy holidays, hugs, Valerie

  2. Christmas wishes to you as well Yvonne.

    Love the colouring page and the way you have coloured it. Well done for icing the cake as well

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Great way to use the coloring page - your journal page with it is fantastic and I love to see your special cake! Looks very festive and I would like to taste it!!!
    Wishing you a happy T-Day Yvonne and happy Holidays with the family!
    oxo Susi

  4. We don't get those three tiered cake/sandwich plates in the states, even in a tea room. I think that is a true British thing, although I've seen them at the Spice Merchant, in their tea room section. They always look so well laid out, it's a shame we don't have that option here.

    I simply ADORE that colored tea and cakes entry, as well as the hybrid piece you created from it. And, since I was an engineer in a previous lifetime, I adore those TH stamps that look like blueprints. That was a great card and a lovely blessing.

    Thanks for sharing your tea, as well as your painted tea and cakes with us for T this Tuesday. I'm sure we'll "talk" before Christmas, but I'll wish you a lovely holiday, anyway.

  5. Your coloring book has some great pages. It looks like you are having fun. I've heard of Christmas cakes. Curious is it a fruit cake or a cake? Here in the US decorated Christmas cakes aren't really big so I am not very familiar wit the details.Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Hugs-Erika

  6. Cute coloring page, I can see why it took a couple of days, it's quite large! The cake looks yummy!! And love the adorable snowman card!

  7. Such lovely art work, the colours you have used and all the details are gorgeous! Your mug is so cute too. Lovely Christmas cake, I bet it tastes delicious with the marzipan and icing - yummy :-). Sending you Christmas wishes to you and yours and wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-) x

  8. I love how you digitally enhanced your marvelous coloring book page! You're right, in such a busy season we do need to take time for ourselves and I did just that yesterday with a dear friend and a pot of tea:)Your cake looks so decadent and a special treat for sure. Love your snowman card too. Happy T day and a Merry Christmas!

  9. You make marzipan? I'm impressed! Hope the family enjoys the Christmas cake and all the effort that went into making it.

    I'm also impressed by your digital prowess and hybrid pieces. The tea lady is beautifully colored. I like the snowman stamp at bottom - another Tim Holtz if I'm correct.

    Happy T Day and Happy Christmas, Yvonne! Eileen

  10. The lady in your coloring book reminds me of the Belle character in one of the animated Christmas Carols I've seen. Everything reminds me of something related to Christmas these days lol. We call it "Christmas cake", but the one I make is just a plain white cake. I'll bet yours looks fancy with all the decorations :) Happy T Tuesday!

  11. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that likes to take time out for a little colouring sometimes!

    Sally xx

  12. oh, Marzipan sounds so good to me:) beautiful Card - no snow in sight here (i do not regret that).
    wishing you peaceful Holidays!

  13. Great coloring page!!! I finally broke down and bought myself one :) If I don't get all of the gifts finished, I'm blaming it on the coloring book :) The cake looks so good. I haven't had royal frosting in years. Maybe I'll make some ♥ Happy T day and Merry Christmas ♥

  14. Lovely page. Your Christmas cake looks so pretty with its snowdrift. Bet it tastes scrumptious, too. Cute card. Merry Christmas to you.

  15. Die Seite ist sehr schön und auch die Schneeman-Karte gefällt mir sehr. Nein auch bei uns kein Schnee in Sicht, nur sehr kalt. Und lecker dein Kuchen, möchte man am liebsten ein Stück probieren.
    LG Carola

  16. What a beautiful colouring page. Yes, you are right, relaxing is the best way.
    Your christmas cake looks wonderful. Well done you for making marzipan. I have made a proper christmas cake but I might give the marzipan a miss. It's sommuch work. Just shelling all the almonds is going to take me half a morning.... I'll just ice it.
    I just love the card with the snowman blueprint. Very original.
    Happy t-day and a wonderful Christmas,

  17. I love this page - I have new crayons now so looking forward to using them! I am hoping to get some me time on Thursday - off to deliver presents tomorrow! Oh how I used to love Christmas cake - your looks wonderful! Hugs, Chrisx

  18. Love the elegant lady having tea...your digital piece adds just the right texture and charm! The Christmas cake sounds quite extravagant... and delicious! happy T day, and Merry Christmas!♥

  19. YES! As you know i love to color.. :) It is very relaxing... Thank you so much for sharing your lovely picture and cake with us this T day... I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  20. A lovely page Yvonne, beaautifully coloured and I love how you've digitally altered it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and don't eat too much of that gorgeous Christmas cake.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  21. What an awesome page, Yvonne! I love that darling lady! Merry Christmas, Autumn