Sunday, 23 November 2014

Inspired by Auguste Renoir

Could you imaging cutting up a real Renoir masterpiece to make a Mosaic.  Well , I have just, sort of  done that , but mine were prints copied from a book and are guilt free.
This journal page  is made  with two things in mind.
Art Journal Journey who want us to be inspired by the Masters

Also, for  Journal 52  week 41, the prompt was mosaic inspired.

This is another of my Journal 52 pages from week 38, when the prompt was 
Rhyme Time. I am nearly up to date now, and will share a few more in the coming days.

Thank you for taking time to stop by, the comments you leave me are always appreciated.


  1. Lots of lovely journal pages today! Yes, it sounds strange to cut up a Renoir, but you have made another amazing piece from it! Thanks for this lovely contribution to Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Two lovely journal pages. I think I'd still have problems cutting up even a picture of a Renoir, or any great master for that matter. Silly, but there it is. However, you've made a super page and I do love the mosaic effect. Elizabeth xx

  3. You made a fantastic mosaic page Yvonne - great Renoir homage and a lovely Rhyme Time page as well!
    Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey once more this month...
    Makes me happy!

  4. Great journal pages ~ and I love the mosaic approach to you Renoir inspired *pieces.* Wonderful!

  5. Great idea for the mosaic challenge! Can't believe the year of journaling has almost come to an end :-(


  6. 2 fabulous pages Yvonne and I love how you created your mosaic:)
    Val x

  7. Wow fabulous effects, great pages
    Amanda x

  8. Brilliant idea and wonderful results indeed! Xx

  9. Great idea for both the Masters challenge and Journal 52.
    I really love the two colours, orange and green, together and I think that's what makes the girl in the white hat such a cheery painting.
    I am trying to keep up with J52 but am always behind and have decided to just do and enjoy what I can and not worry about those I don't get done.
    It's lovely to stop by and visit ;)

  10. A great interpretation of the mosaic theme. I love the pictures you used and the interesting effect you achieved with them.
    a sweet little mouse in the rhyme time one as well.
    Jean x

  11. Two fabulous pages, love how you've managed to combine two with the mosaics.
    Avril xx

  12. Love both of these Yvonne but the Renoir has stolen my heart with the wonderful hats and the way you made the mosaics

    Love Chrissie x

  13. Gorgeous journals they are coloured perfectly. Love the
    aNNie The Journey is the Start

  14. Lovely images you've chose. I like the abstract look of it. And sweet journal page below too!

  15. Great idea and great inspiration of Renoir. I love your Mosaic. The page of J52 is really beautiful.
    Hugs, Mar

  16. Loving your mosaic and page for the journal. Annette x