Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tea pots, crafting and many photos...its just got to be Tuesday.

Before I get into a photo overload for you all today,
I want to share a few digital pieces that I sat at the computer doing this weekend,
 when other things should have taken priority.

It started with a few simple postcard designs for the current
 Try it on Tuesdays challenge of Postcards {Mail Art }

I was creating a digital page for another challenge,
if you are interested its on my all digital blog here.
This led to another postcard
To complete the digital crafting fest I came up with this page
for Jo's theme  Poetry in motion
 where we can use poetry , quotes or sayings  for our inspiration this month.
at Art Journal Journey

I really like this quote, home should be the place where we can feel safe , loved and cared for.

It's T stands for Tuesdays

over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
 where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post

Tea pots and More Tea pots

Well I said I would show you more photos from the Tea Pottery I visited in Leyburn, Yorkshire 
 a short while ago.
I hope you are sitting comfortably, there is rather a lot of them.

First of all inside the factory to see where the pots were made

Now into the shop to see the finished pots

I think they had pots for everything covered, but maybe not so practical to use every day.
I know my shaped pots never get used.
These weren't all of my photos,  as many had a glare caused by the flash on the camera.
I found a Pinrest link that shows many of this potteries products, better photos and no price tags.

So after looking at so many pots  it was time to have another cuppa ourselves
Back to the lovely cafe where we had had our lunch.
 We even managed to get the same table by the window.
Tea again for me and coffee for my OH.

Thank you all for calling in to see me today.
Hope your T.  day is a Happy one.


  1. A very happy T Day Yvonne.

    Such a great posts full of digital wonders and the old craft of pottery making. I imagine even that has some form of technology attached to it these days but it all looks amazing

    The piece you made for Jo challenge with your wonderful postcard is amazing.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Great post and love your post card too.x

  3. Love all your digital art, the journal page and postcards are gorgeous.The visit to the pottery must have been wonderful, what a variety of tea pots they have on show. I Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie must confess to my great shame that I don't own a single tea-pot!

  4. I think there's very little that should take priority over crafting! So glad you spent some time on these digi pages and postcards - they're lovely. The romance of the couple on the vintage airmail envelope is sending my story brain into overdrive - my favourite of the lot, but they're all delightful. Fabulous to see all those teapots too!
    Alison x

  5. What a beautiful page and sentiment!
    I love all those gorgeous teapots too!
    Alison x

  6. So many wonderful teapots! They look too pretty to use! More great digi work as well, love the first set, so cute!

  7. Wow, you have been busy creating wonderful artwork, when you should've been doing other things ...lol 😀 ... I often do that too, I find crafting is so much more fun sometimes ... lol 😉. Your first set of postcards are so much fun and I love the cute mouse and then there's your other postcard which has a lovely vintage and romantic feel. Incorporating it into your digital piece was genius and it looks so beautiful with all the other elements you have added. It really speaks of the home, feeling safe, being loved and cared for! Wow, including two more quotes on your page is taking the challenge to a whole other level - amazing! I'm also amazed by all those teapots, what a fabulous place to visit, I bet it was so interesting finding out how they made them. If I had to choose one, it would be the "storm in a teacup" I love the clever design and gold edging 😁. Thanks for sharing your art with us at Art Journal Journey and wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  8. i love this postcard and how you embedded it into a digital layout. awesome! and what an Array of teapots! (Counts for a whole year of t-days, haha...)

  9. your art is beautiful and wow I am so happy you shared more photos of the teapot factory and the teapots amazing! off to check out the link
    Happy T Day Kathy

  10. Love your digital postcard and especially the sentiment Yvonne....so true xx An amazing array of teapots...so fascinating and wonderful to see the colours/designs

    Sending my best wishes
    Annie xx

  11. Your digital pieces are all so beautiful - I love how you used the digital postcard on another page - that's so clever! Thank you very much for yet another fabulous entry linked to Jo's theme over at Art Journal Journey!
    Those teapots are all so unique - I love them - thank you for all the photos and the link!
    Happy T-Day dear Yvonne
    oxo Susi

  12. Wow, Yvonne. Those postcards are incredible. I can't believe those are all digital. They look like the real deal. And to transition to Jo's AJJ theme was masterful.

    Then came the teapots. I fell in love with many of them, and enjoyed seeing them from before they were fired to after the glazing. I agree that they would not have been practical to use, but they were all conversation pieces.

    Thanks for sharing your tea (and husband's coffee), the teapots, and your awesome postcards and journal page with us for T this Tuesday.

  13. Your postcards are gorgeous Yvonne. I recognize that couple silhouette and the old house from another recent piece. Those images do work well on the postcard for sure. :) And you had really tickled my fancy with those teapots. I have a little teapot collection (that would make a good T Day post sometime), and I would want to buy several of those. It would be hard to chose for sure because they are all very cute and clever. We don't seem to have teapots quite like that here in the states.Great post- I really enjoyed it today Yvonne. Hugs-Erika

  14. Your dig postcards are magnificent.

    Tea pots conversation pieces.

  15. Your postcard is wonderful. I did a similiar quote on a cross-stitched sampler I did many years ago. And nothing screams homey like teapots. Your photos were so delightful. I have a few teapots, but never use them. I'm the only one here who drinks tea so seems such a waste to make an entire pot. I just nuke water and a teabag when I want a cuppa. Happy T Day

  16. Great postcard! All those teapots...what fun!
    Happy T day!

  17. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the digital art ♥♥♥ A big WOW to all of those pots too!!!! I have a niece that collects tea pots and I fear that she would go Bankrupt there LOL! Have a great T DAY and thanks for stopping by my blog ♥ I am taking it easy and those weeds will be slow to disappear.

  18. Fabulous postcards, Love the home quote.
    Wonderful photos from the tea factory, so many to choose.
    Avril xx

  19. What interesting shaped pots! But I agree with you that a plainer, simpler design would get more use. I find cleaning the fancier ones is too hard for me to want to mess with. I like that simple white one on your cafe table :)

  20. I love your mouse postcards, Yvonne. You had a productive time at the computer "when other things should have taken priority" - lol. I can't believe the variety of shaped tea pots they make at the Tea Pottery in Yorkshire . They're very clever and cute.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  21. Wonderful digital art and all those beautiful tea pots!!!
    Thanks for the welcome back.....happy T-day

  22. Wow your page is amazing,love the couple,and your soft colors,very pretty.
    and the teapots looks all fantastic.
    happy week.

    hugs jenny

  23. Great postcards! And envelope too.
    The potos of the tea pot Factory are real fun. So many different designs. You are right. They don't usually get used much. It's the novelty. My s-i-l used to collect teapots, and we would sometimes get her a funny one if we found one.
    Belated happy T-Day,

  24. Wow, was für schöne digitale Werke. Ich staune immer wieder, was alles möglich ist. Deine Seite gefällt mir besonders gut.
    LG Carola

  25. Upps, sorry for the German.
    Greetings Carola

  26. Sorry to be so late for T Day! It's not because you are not featuring coffee as even though I don't drink tea, I do love Teapots! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx