Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Stay warm and party.

This will  be my last page this month for Chris's theme of
101 Ways to Keep Warm

The animals are having a party today.

They  just need yummy things to eat. perhaps a drink, although they would prefer a glass of water.  
But best of all, they   feel a warm glow inside as they spend happy times in each others company.

On the left is how the page looked in its early stages.
The  base is water coloured. The animals were fussy  cut from an old calendar.
 I also added a few areas of stencilling.

 The dog did have the glass balanced on its head and I thought it would be fun to have ' Bird-cake'   trying to get a sip of the wine..... 'Duck-cup', 
 was not at all impressed with this  and was happy with the cream cake.
I added the party hats, bunting and words in the digital program I use. [notes in my sidebar].

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are always welcome here.


  1. And I love your last page for AJJ's theme of 101 ways to keep warm Yvonne! Those animals are really funny and you put the piece together in your established professional way!
    Just AWESOME with the fabulous background that fits so well-
    Happy evening and thank you very much for all the support you gave this month again to the AJJ challenge blog♥
    oxo Susi

  2. I'm with Susi. I adore the way you have created so much art this month for AJJ. Your art has made me smile, laugh, and enjoy each piece you have created. Your puffin is wonderful drinking from the glass. They are all so cleverly done, and I really love how you made it all come together.

  3. Great idea, I've been busy partying with some friends today, and it really warmed me! Have a nice evening, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wow! What a great party! Love that cheeky 'Bird-cake' trying to help himself to some wine! It's always warming to spend time with friends, with or without wine! Thank you for supporting me with my '101 Ways To keep Warm' this month - I do so love to see the way you work your digital magic! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. What a fun page! Your bird-cake sipping wine while trying to keep balance made me smile 😉. It also reminded me that I haven't had battenburg cake for ages, it was one of my favourite cakes as a 😀. Have a lovely week! J 😊

  6. Oh my! I absolutely love this page. Those animals are so whimsical and I love that background.

  7. Ha-ha-what a fun page Yvonne. And who doesn't love an animal party? They are really cute! Hope your last day of month is going well. Hugs-Erika

  8. A brilliant and fun page, the images are wonderful.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. i love this clever and original page! xo

  10. Fabulous, fun and creative page Yvonne, - partying is the way to go lol! :o)

  11. What a very fun and whimsical page Yvonne! Can't help but smile at the antics of the animals, especially the Puffin with the wine!! haha! Now this is a Christmas party I would actually go to!! happy weekend. hugs :)