Monday, 13 November 2017

Hot Chocolate and Soup

I am starting off with another page for Chris's theme over at
101 ways to keep warm.

I  used  a variety of stencils  on this background .
The words down the left of the page are stamped.
Which brings me to the pictures, these were torn from an old magazine , they instantly gave me the idea for this page .

How comforting to have  a cup of hot chocolate  after a walk .   I added some faux stitching and the words were computer generated.

As its Tuesday, I am also off to visit with friends at
where we are always made to feel welcome with a drinks related post.

Last Thursday we went to Corbridge  a very  small country town/ or large village,
  I think how its described,  depends, on where your own home is. It is for sure a larger village than where we live   and has a number of independent shops.
.It  is about a 20 minute journey for us  in the car.
There is a very good farm shop close by that  I wanted to call in to and we needed    to  visit  the  hardware store in the village for some wood  paint.

It was quite a dull day , but if you can enlarge the photo you will see the Corbridge in the distance.  It  attracts many visitors especially from folk visiting Hadrians Wall.

We spent more time in Corbridge,  than we intended and ended up having    lunch   in the  Cyclists cafe.

Home made thick carrot soup  with a chicken  and avocado wrap.
No posh milk jugs here, the milk is served in small bottles.
 Oh and proper infused tea, not a tea bags  to be seen

Cyclists , adults, children , babies and dogs  are all welcomed there.
The dogs are served a bowl of water  by their owners table. A real gem of a place.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today
and Happy T day wishes everyone


  1. Beautiful journal page! I love how well you blended in and coordinated all the collage elements. Seems so many of us are thinking warm drinks these days...
    I just love all the history and wonderful old towns and buildings Europe has to offer. And now I'd like to have your lunch too:)
    Happy T day!

  2. Your page is so lovely! That little girl is so nostalgic. What a fabulous background full of Pastel patterns.
    Corbridge is so pretty! I love that stone. Gorgeous!
    Happy Tea Day!

  3. Beautiful journal page, love the faux stitching, too. Corbridge looks very pretty, and the thought of that soup and the chicken and avocado wrap even prettier! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Your AJJ entry is fabulous. The way you layered the stencils with the images and stamping was great. I think your composition was perfect and it fit Chris's AJJ theme so well, too.

    I feel in love with your choice of restaurants in Corbridge. I think the entire village looks very quaint and vintage. But what is not to love about a restaurant that allows and even welcomes dogs. It is quite unique. I somehow doubt our restaurant laws would allow that here in the states. And no tea bag is a bonus, too.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely AJJ entry, the village of Corbridge, and your trip to the Cyclist's Restaurant. What a fabulous meal and tea you shared for T this Tuesday.

  5. You brought all the element in the collage so beautiful together! You are such a good composer! I want to taste that soup - Corbridge is really pretty - thank you for sharing the photos Yvonne!

    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  6. perfect journaling for this week. it´s definitely time for a hot chocolate:)
    your page is collaged so pretty, everything blended so well! this nostalgic pic of the Girl with the dog reminds me of old children books...
    stay warm and have a great week! happy t-day:)

  7. Your hot chocolate page is lovely with the stencilled background and magazine images, it really resonates with me and happy times spent walking and coming home to have a hot chocolate - perfect! The café looks fantastic and the owners sound so thoughtful, it's definitely a gem as you say! The little milk bottles are so cute and loose leaf tea is my favourite, then there's your carrot soup and wrap - delicious 😁. Sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊

  8. Corbridge looks like a beautiful place. I would like to visit there and eat at that cafe. Especially if I could bring in my dog. And your lunch looks delicious! I love your page too. You are right, a cup of cocoa after a walk on a crisp fall day is always a good idea. :) I'm glad the girl is taking her dog along. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  9. So glad you pointed out the theme for AJJ. I hadn't checked it out previously. Great piece!
    Happy T day!

  10. Beautiful journal page-and what a very neat place to visit-I would like that town. and loved your lunch too sounds so delicious-I love soups and the milk bottle is too cute.
    Happy T Day Kathy

  11. So so gorgeous page Yvonne !! love the stamped words, and the so nice stencils you have used. Really wonderful artwork! The photographs of Corbridge are fabulous, what a nice village !! thank you for sharing.
    I wish you a very happy afternoon, big hugs, Caty

  12. A brisk fall walk followed by a cozy cuppa. What a treat! I love the architecture in that village. Happy T Tuesday

  13. I LOVE a place that our furry babies are welcome. Your soup and wrap sound just yummy!
    Great journal page too!
    Happy T-day

  14. Today would be the perfect day for a hot chocolate. It's cold and grey outside and we had a few snow flurries earlier this morning. Corbridge looks very quaint and the cafe quite cozy. Had to laugh at your comment about no teabags. That would never happen in a regular restaurant over here. The only place I've been served proper brewed tea was when I have had tea sandwiches and pastry at the Boston Public Library. Happy T Day

  15. Just love your Art Journal page Yvonne... and the pictures you shared... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  16. Wow, such a beautiful page again. Great!
    Greetings Carola

  17. I love your beautifully collage page today , and hot chocolate is definitely the best drink to warm you up on a cold day.
    I enjoyed your photos of Corbridge too, it looks like a lovely plce to vsit.
    Jean x

  18. Delightful hot chocolate page. I am normally a coffee kinda gal but after a brisk walk a cup of hot choc would sure be nice. I enjoyed your pictures of Corbridge. I don't own a dog but I think it is very thoughtful of the folks in the cafe to provide water for the doggies that visit.

  19. Oh yes - it has been a hot chocolate kind of day - not cold, just GREY!! This page cheered me up no end and gave me a warm feeling to see it at AJJ- Thank you! Corbridge looks to be a great place to visit , especially with a cafe like this! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  20. Beautifull page with wonderful cold winter colors.

  21. Amazing stencil work Yvonne! I love all the designs, a bit here and a bit there, creating a collage style background! Wonderful palette, the pastels work so well for a cool wintery scene! Mmmm, hot chocolate, yummy!! Fabulous page! What a great place to visit for the day, such a rustic feel to it! hugs :)

  22. Corbridge looks quite interesting. Sometimes I like restaurants without pretense. I think the milk jugs are cool. And the food looks very good. Chilly morning here. Your post gives me warm feelings. It was especially nice to see your lovely journal page. And that yummy looking hot soup - I could go for a bowl of that right now.

    Happy T-day, Yvonne! Hugs, Eileen

  23. fabulous page, i love with kid and dog, idea is beautiful!!!
    The food is great!
    have a good night

  24. Amazing work again Yvonne.....Nice to see your artistic style.....and I would love to eat a cup of soup with you and drink some hot chocolate. I am sure we would have enough to talk about.
    xxx Plony

  25. Yes, how comforting to have a cup of hot chocolate after a walk! You made the perfect background for this scenery!
    Beautiful photos from your trip to Corbridge, and good to have a hot soup to warm up!
    Rike x