Monday 12 June 2017

Make it work and a visit with T day friends

I am sharing a hybrid page with you all today and a reminder for the current challenge theme  over at
 Try it on Tuesdays, which can be interpreted in many  ways.

I am also going off to join friends at
for T day, we are always made welcome with a drinks related post.

The page began is one of my smaller journal books , the usual sort of inky background that I seem to favour these days and the left over die cuts from my project last week.

T gang please notice the tea cup,
was as usual close by,  at this point in time on the coaster.
Minutes earlier it was on the  left side of my desk and an accident waiting to happen.

I  had stamped the image on to tissue paper,
then glued it to the page.
If the background wasn't messy enough to begin with it was now as I knocked the cup and spilled  some  of the tea..
Now I will mention here, that tissue and tea will not be parted, so my poor girl looks quite ill at this stage, even after mopping her up with  kitchen roll.

I did enjoy messing with the colours in my computer program and managed to lighten her up a bit and add some wording.

I think today was one of those days when throw it out wasn't an option, I was on a mission, to make my mess work for me.

On the left I am sharing another collage of photos from when we were in York.
 The  photo of the Shambles was taken early on Sunday morning showing the   restaurant we had our lunch in later that day.
Mine was a pasta with smoked chicken and mushroom  sauce, my OH's was a folded pizza filled with ham and cheese.

What I really wanted to share and don't be shocked, you know my preferred beverage is Tea.
   But  I did have a Coffee at the end of the meal.

Thank you for calling in today, I always enjoy your company.
Happy T day.


  1. I really enjoyed your hybrid entry for TioT and think you did a fabulous mop up of your blunder. Fixing the girl in the digi program was brilliant, and I really LOVED it. Such a great page for the steampunk theme.

    Loved how you chose to change the spot where you left your tea. It would have been the exact place I would have knocked something over, so I'm glad you knew what you were doing.

    Yes, I was rather bowled over by the sheer shock and surprise that you had that decadent coffee. And your meals looked fabulous, too. Here in the states, your husband's meal would probably have been called a calzone. I prefer a pasta with white sauce, so I would have enjoyed your entre, too. Thanks for sharing your lovely TioT entry and your trip to York with us for T this Tuesday. I would gladly have joined you there for coffee and pasta, too.

  2. First of all, that is a really cool AJJ page Yvonne. I love the stamped image and those gears die cuts are really cool. :) And looks like a delicious meal out. I love how old York looks. Feels like you stepped back to the 1600's. It looks like it would be a great place to visit some day. (for me). Happy T Day Yvonne. Hugs-Erika

  3. such a brilliant art piece Yvonne- so impressive! Your pasta dish sounds perfectly wonderful to me and would have been my choice too:)
    Every time I visit a blog and see photos of places visited I want to add it to my bucket list-York is no exception:)
    Happy T day!

  4. Fabulous page I don't know where you get the ideas from but they are always amazing.xx [aNNie]

  5. Wonderful journal page, love the colours. I had an accident with paint water yesterday, made me say some bad words! Lovely to see photos of the shambles, I always loved York so much. Your food and coffee look yummy. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Amazing journal page! Thee design you created with the inks and leftovers is lovely and I always love seeing you work your digital magic, it looks so stunning πŸ˜€. I haven't been to York in a long time, the Shambles is so pretty with its timber-framed buildings and I'd happily join you for that delicious looking pasta but I'd have to draw the line at the coffee ... ha ha! Happy T Day! J 😊

  7. Your journal page is awesome, tea Stan and all πŸ’– The food looks good too.

  8. I spilt tea myself the other day but managed to avoid anything important - you seem to have done a decent job of rescuing the fair maiden so we shall not worry about her. I am off to York in just under three weeks having a night in town before to the ferry, I wonder if I will eat in the same restaurant ?

    Sally xx

  9. Beautiful page Yvonne and great to see your craft table with the essential drink on hand.

    Terrific photos of York and looks like nice food as well We are planning to go there for a day soon so must look out for that.

    Have a happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. your page is fabulous!! and of course i had to smile seeing the tea on the crafting table, as i always manage to dip a brush into the drink when it is Close enough:)
    happy t-day, Yvonne!

  11. Your hybrid page is fab. I love it and the quotes. I must confess I had't enlarged it and didn't read the words that are slightly obscured by the paint. It made a really strange sentence, but I did get the jist. I love streampunk.
    And I also love Italian restaurants. Yum, that lunch looks very nice. I think the folded up pizza your OH had is called a calzone. Don't worry, even a tea drinker is allowed a nice capuccino every now and then...
    Happy T-Day,

  12. Hi Yvonne!!! I'm so sorry for the fly by visit.. super super busy... but wanted to wish you a happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. I like your coaster :) That restaurant looks like a cozy spot, and the food looks great. I agree with Lisca about the calzone. I like them and sometimes have them instead of pizza when they're on the menu. Happy T Tuesday!

  14. What a brilliant digital fix with a really great pair of quotes! I don't take drinks into my craft room - they would just go cold(or get spilt!) Your meal looks good and I approve of the coffee of course! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  15. I really love the quotes on your page. And I think it looks great tea and all. The street photo looks like a postcard and your food looks so delicious. I'm hungry now and it's hours away until lunch. Have a Happy Day

  16. I think sometimes messes turned into something unique special-so I love the tea stained image very much.
    I do stuff like that too and have my cup in the wrong place.
    Stopping for a visit even though I didn't get a post up this week
    Enjoy your day Kathy

  17. Awesome hybrid page Yvonne, I love how you combine both techniques.
    Great photos of York!
    Mar xx

  18. I think your tea-stained beauty is a triumph... a really happy accident to create extra atmosphere. And those cogs are so cool.
    Alison x

  19. Wow Yvonne, what a great page. The tea stain I find really good.
    Greetings Carola

  20. Wonderful, your tag looks great!