Monday 19 June 2017

Caravan living

Hello  everyone.
It's  Tuesday and T stands for Tuesday's over at
Where we are all made very welcome with a drinks related post

Today I am sharing a few photos taken at the National Land Rover Rally we were at a short while ago. The three in the photo above, had everyone's interest when they were on display. These grand old ladies are just about 70 years old. 

This was the view from our caravan, with views like this  everywhere you looked.

Our caravan is known to friends and family as the, ' travelling hotel,'    at these events.
Hot water for  showers,  a comfortable bed and plenty of wholesome food  to end the day.
Which takes me to the next couple of photos..

One of our evening meals, steak, salads and butternut squash spaghetti. Its a mish mash of crockery and bowls. Space is at a premium in the  van and even a pan  as in this photo gets taken to the table.

It was wine to drink with the meal.

For blog friends who have known me a while,
 the wellies were out and  did get worn on the last day, as we had a rather a lot of rain.

These events are usually held in the middle of nowhere and as I read a lot in the caravan, I was thrilled to find this book exchange  at the York site where we stayed at the beginning of the trip.
An old telephone box, the warden had added shelves for the books.
We could exchange books and leave a small contribution for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
It was a popular spot ,  most of my books are bought in Charity Shops,  I had a couple to change and was pleased to make my choices to take with me on my travels.

Thank you for calling in and I hope you have a Happy T day.


  1. The travelling hotel, I love it, Yvonne. Love the wellies too - those are classy and sassy ;-) It's fun to see what a wonderful meal you can serve up in a limited space. I bet it takes some of the pressure off entertaining too - lol.

    The book exchange phone box is something special. Thanks for sharing your caravan adventures once again.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  2. What nice accommodations at your traveling hotel-including food and drink:)Love the wellies as well as that old telephone booth! Happy T day Yvonne, and enjoy your journeys!

  3. Hi what a fun post-I love your traveling hotel-I think it is so nice and perfect to have your own space to cook and dine and sleep-and have fun too! I love the idea of the land rover event didn't realize those vehicles had been around so long. I love love your wellies! and what a great find the book exchange in the old telephone booth-very clever!!
    Happy T Day Kathy

  4. It was cool to see what the rally was like. And first of all, I love the wellies Yvonne. Those would put me in a bright and cheery mood even when it was muddy and raining. :) And your dinner looks yummy and similar to what we would eat in my house. Nothing is better after a day out and about than such a good meal. How is butternut spaghetti? I've never had it that way but I've heard a lot about it that way. And that big glass of wine looks perfect. I'd like one right now in fact. Might help me sleep tonight if our thunder storms don't stop. :) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. What a fabulous social time and the perfect way to have fun and gatherings. Love your wellies and the book exchange xx

  6. I used to visit an internet friend who, with her husband, attended all the road rallies. They both drove Land Rovers, but hers was smaller. I think this is such a great family sport.

    I loved the traveling hotel concept. When camping, I think it's a great idea to use the pan you cooked food in as a serving dish. It cuts down on the number of dishes you have to wash, too. I know water can sometimes be a premium in these situations.

    I loved the idea of the iconic red phone booth turned book exchange. They have certainly sprung up in the states and we now have FOUR in my neighborhood.

    Your wellies are out of this world. Actually, they are flag raising. I love them. I bet you wear them with pride.

    Thanks for sharing your wine (and water), along with your meal, your caravan, your fabulous wellies, and the book exchange with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. That rally looks like a fun place, loved those old jeeps and of course, your patriotic wellies, wonderful! The food in your caravan looks great, what's on the plate is always more important to me than what it's served on! Lovely book exchange, too, Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. These wellies are a hoot!!! and the telephone box makes me swooning with memories...
    happy t-day!!

  9. I adore this very British wellies and great to find a book exchange - so lovely located - very British -
    what a fab event - great to join!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  10. Love your 'traveling hotel' title! That would be me! We took a small fridge tent camping this weekend, and it was wonderful to keep the food in! Love your boots and the book exchange booth.

  11. The rally looks fantastic, I love the old ladies especially the open top one 😀. Your travelling hotel sounds luxurious and plenty of wholesome food and a glass of wine is the perfect way to end the day, that butternut squash spaghetti looks yum! Loving your wellies and the phone box is so neat with the book exchange inside. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  12. Looks like you had a fab time, really miss our caravan, the book exchange in the phone box is a great idea too

  13. Since you had a great interesting time there!
    The Book Excange is wonderful!
    Greetings Elke

  14. Just a quick flyby i'm afraid Yvonne! Life is busy at the moment... unpacking the craftroom.. SQUEAL!! But life will slow down again soon and i will make a proper T party visit one day soon.. Loved seeing your photos though! Hugs! deb

  15. Minimalism lived out :) It seems a fine thing to me to take the pan to the table when it's food like that being offered lol Your gathering looks like great fun.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  16. Oh I love your wellies! Shirley Bassey would have been envious!
    The LandRover meeting sounds like good fun to me. Yes, those old ladies are something else!
    Isn't it great to live in a caravan for a few days. We had one and loved it. (In fact we still have it and it is parked on a site in Devon. It is a large one with a doublé axle so we can't tow it anymore. I'm looking forward to staying in it this coming September when we will be in the UK)
    Oh I love the book Exchange in the telephone booth! Most camp sites have a book Exchange, but this is such an original idea!
    Happy T-Day,

  17. Travelling hotel :-D Looks like you're quite adept at cooking in close quarters. I love the old phone box as a library. Though as a Doctor Who fan, too bad it wasn't an old police box. Hapy T Day!

  18. I love the way you dine! Pleased to see that taking the wellies wasn't a waste of space! I really would love to see the Land Rovers! Chrisx

  19. Happy Belated T day Meggy. Your caravan sounds wonderful, and I love the telephone box library, I have seen one in a village near Bradford on Avon, don't think they would survive in town though!
    Cazzy x