Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Create art, have some fun and share a cup of tea with friends

A fun journal spread for Try it on Tuesdays
where the current theme is.... Spots, dots and splashes.

Time to get  messy,  as you can see from my pages.
To begin a sprayed background, stencils came next [dots]. On to  a selection of stamps, I imagine some of you will spot the brands.  Last some flicks with the paintbrush, which mostly went on the desk and not the pages.

Now it time to visit with Friends at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's
and share a cup of tea on Tuesdays.
I am, I admit a Tea addict .
I am never at my best without a mug of  it close by.

After cleaning up a little of the earlier mess, it was time to sit with a brew
at the computer for a digital page.

I was editing some photos, so hence the work on progress sign,
We are getting ready to go off in the caravan soon and I hope to use the lap top
 for some digital pages.
 I used to take quite a number of craft items,  space was  and is an issue.
So loaded with some of my own backgrounds, photos and my stored [on computer] images etc.
Everything will be  added to the external storage drive.
I am soon  about to find out if my resolve to go minimal is a good idea.

Is anyone having issues with blogger?
 My blog  doesn't seem to be  updating  posts on my dashboard,  when folk publish them.
The blog list is just the same, some updated others not.
So apologies if I have missed calling to see you.
I hope it sorts itself out soon.

Thank you for calling to see me today . I always appreciate you stopping by.


  1. Yes, Blogger is sloooooooooooooooow just now, it sometimes takes hours before posts are updated on the dashboard. Wonder what they are up to this time? Love your journal pages for TIOT, and I think it's a good idea to take less to the caravan and do more digital - I did the same when I was in hospital, although in the end I didn't do much as the pains were so bad! Have a fun day, take care, happy T Day, hugs Valerie

  2. Your journal is really superb what a treasure.

  3. I've mentioned to a couple of people (Patty and Erika) that their posts are not updating for about seven hours. So you are not alone in your concerns.

    Your TioT entry is gorgeous. So, so colorful, too. And your cup of tea looks perfect next to your digital art.

    I think it's a good idea to go all digital during a holiday away from home. If I knew digital at all, I would be using it in place of my true cut and paste. It would save on supplies, too. I look forward to seeing what you create while you are away.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely art and your cup of tea with us for T this Tuesday. Have fun in your caravan.

  4. Looks like you had fun with your pages.
    L♥ve the lady stamp especially.
    Digital art is perfect for playing with anywhere.
    You'll have to let us know how you made out.
    Your cuppa looks just perfect.
    Happy T Day Yvonne oxo

  5. wonderful journaling, i can see the fun! happy t-day to you!

  6. Fabulous pages. Love the background. Those are great stamps. Good idea to go digital whilst you are on holiday. This post didn't show up in my reader. I was visiting for the Flying Scotsman post. I only use the Blogger reader but I lost all of the links this morning but they came back this afternoon.
    Flo xx

  7. super pages and fab stamps!! I know what you mean about the splatters though:):) I heard some are having Blogger issues-knock on wood so far I'm OK. Happy T day, and thanks for the visit.

  8. Great journal page! So bold and colorful!

  9. My computer is so slow that I thought is was just my computer and internet service. Love the journal pages... my creative drive is chilled and inactive this week :( Waiting for a warm up.... come on Mother Nature!!!!

  10. Wow this is a great journal page. Wonderful colours and dots and splashes.
    Greets Carola

  11. What a brilliant colour spread from you tonight Yvonne- I need to do some splashing soon! Can't comment on blogger speed as I mainly use bloglovin to keep up with who has posted.

    Sally xx

  12. Just been for a look.....this post is not showing on my feed yet!


  13. Lovely vibrant colours in these great pages, I love how all the dots give a dreamy look to the characters.
    Jean x

  14. The impact is amazing, such great sense of energy and wonderful use of colour.
    In total admiration for your attempt to go minimalist.
    I've had problems for a wee while, where blogger dashboard doesn't seem to up-date my own blog posts. Haven't checked this for two or three weeks but it was ongoing for a long time.

  15. Fabulous journal pages, they really have a 'happy' feel to them.
    You might be going minimal, but I'm sure what you will create with your stored images will be fabulous and full of interest.Have a great time.
    Avril xx

  16. Your pages are really fabulous, Yvonne. Colours, stamps and design are perfect.
    Mar xx

  17. Love your tea cup Yvonne. A cup tea is always very relaxing I think. And your page is fantastic. I love those Dina stamps and your are a master t makes spots, splatters and splashes. Happy T Day!

  18. Terrific spread Yvonne with lots to admire and inspire.

    Love Chrissie xx

  19. Beautiful page Yvonne and you have used some of my fave stamps.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  20. Love your colorful pages!! Looks like you had fun, and my paint brush splatters end up everywhere too!! My blogger seems to be doing fine right now, but it does have it's days when it's not!!

  21. sorry to hear about your Blogger issues...I am not proficient enough to figure out if it's me or blogger when I have a problem! at the moment, almost every blog I visit, the Blog list of links is vibrating! don't know if it's a setting I need to adjust or what. I am using a new computer! sigh...good luck with your streamlined art process, and enjoy your holiday! beautiful journal pages!

  22. This is just amazing Yvonne!

  23. This is just amazing Yvonne!

  24. Such bright fun colours matched with great images, fab work. Ruth x

  25. you are soooooooooo busy, I scrolled and admired all.......wonderful, dear friend! P.

  26. I love this journal page Yvonne! What good Idea to make some digital pages while you are away! Chrisx