Thursday, 27 February 2014

Journal 52- week 8

When I signed up to take part in Journal 52, I just knew that it was NOT going to be easy for me.
However, we are at week 8 and I find I am tackling things I would never have dreamt of doing, or even showing you the result. As always we had our prompts and guides on this weeks theme....................
'Found Poetry'
Well I do love to read poetry, but this was right out of my box. These are the words I picked out from my chosen book page, I was also lucky to get some that were in order and made sense to me. 
'Moonlight painted her hair
He was in love.'
All it needed was coats of  gesso,acrylics white, turquoise and blue. A bit of random stamping and the Wendi Vecci  face image . I have yet to find the courage to try my hand a painting faces. Oh dear hope that is not an omen for a future prompt.
Thank you for stopping by, I do appreciate the comments you leave.


  1. wow! I love this! you are so brave for trying things out of your comfort zone! I love how you've highlighted the few words, beautiful! I'd love to try to make some mixed media and journaling... thanks for the inspiration!
    Mirella DK

  2. We are such a brave lot are we not, showing these Journal 52 pages? I've added some flower sequins to mine since my page post...looking forward to being able to complete some of the pages when I get home!

    I do hope you are not tempting fate with your comment about faces Yvonne, I've only ever managed to do one that was remotely any good and that was a pencil sketch of my mum done about 40 years ago!!!


  3. Great page Yvonne, love the highlighted words too!

  4. Fabulous page Yvonne, and what a lucky find with that text! It is always a challenge to step out of our comfort zone I find, but then in the end it is usually well worth it, I would certainly say that here!

  5. Smashing page Yvonne, its always great to challenge yourself. Annette x

  6. You may be challenging yourself but you look as though you are having great fun. Super pages Yvonne xx

  7. A great page Yvonne, well done for sticking with the challenge, it looks like you're having fun.
    Jean x

  8. Fantastic page - great words and wonderful colors.

  9. Well whatever it is that you are doing, I think it is great! Love this journal page. Love the woman's face!

  10. This is fantastic. Such wonderful words to pick out to describe what you painted.

    Love Chrissie x

  11. Wonderful words, and a serene and beautiful page to go with them - gorgeous!
    Alison x