Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Journal 52 Abstract Art

Our prompt for Week 5 at Journal 52 was Abstract Art, together with some pointers and ideas. Oh boy did I need them and more. I thought last week was out of my comfort zone, but this week had me in a right Tizz.

This is my second attempt with blocks of colour.
Some free hand, I used  jar tops for  the round shapes.

The on on the right is my first effort.
All I can say is that you can have a good chuckle, this is for sure not my style.

But I am enjoying the challenge.

Thank you for stopping by, I am not usually so messy.


  1. A very difficult prompt this week. You did a fantastic play with these bold colors :)
    Looking at you first effort Ron Weasley came in my mind ;) I think you know him ? Harry Potters best friend.

  2. wow this is a difficult challenge, I have no affinity with abstract art, but am sure you did a great job Yvonne and enjoyed all the fab colourings. Annette x

  3. I am sure I would have struggled with abstract and all those bright colours too. It is certainly very different from your usual style, but it looks like you had fun anyway.
    Jean x

  4. I do have to say that I quite enjoy the eyes looking over the village. Lovely use of bold and beautiful colors!

  5. I like both of them and the colours and shapes on your second attempt are amazing

    Chrissie x

  6. Beautiful work, lovely colours! Hugs, Valerie

  7. You have done a great job. Always nice to try new ideas. That's a great free on-line course.
    Yvonne, I have been using some Giotto Jumbo felt pens for the last couple of years. They are "great" and really reasonable in price, cheap to be honest and they would be great for journalling, if only the practice runs. They are available on Amazon. If you did want to try them and cant find any on Amazon let me know and I will send you a pack.
    Hugs Florence x

  8. Sorry me again, It is just that they sell them locally in the stationery shop here.
    Flo xx

  9. You did a great job with the abstract art! Not my style either, but I do love your first effort piece!!

  10. I think you did great Yvonne. I actually like your first one the best. (That would be so out of my comfort zone too) xx

  11. Huge leaps out of the comfort zone! I like the "face" it's such fun to see what everyone is producing :-)


  12. I actually really love the second one - the colours bleed so brilliantly into one another - it's a great effect. So brave - I wouldn't dare!
    Alison xx