Saturday 6 January 2018


I am following my adventures in creating hybrid art .
It is so dull in the craft room today, that even the daylight bulb in my lamp seems dim.
Fortunately I have a few base journal pages I can use, so it was just a question of adding 
some digital additions to make the page  come alive.

New Year, New Adventures is  Erika's theme for January at..

I think fun  will feature  on my, ' to do'  list for this year,
 especially  when I'm experimenting  in my own crafting world.
No pressure, deadlines  or must do today.
I may even make some special birthday cards in advance of needing them.
Well it is just January and I can always  dream that this will happen.

Thank you for calling in today.
You are all always welcome here.

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found in my sidebar.


  1. Oh, beautiful! She is just dreaming of FUN on the 'to do' list, without pressure ... clever idea to make digital additions.
    Yes, I can say the same - it is so dull in the craft room, that even the daylight bulb in my lamp seems dim. I thought the whole time I need new spectacles.
    Rike x

  2. Another wonderful hybrid page Yvonne, very stylish and elegant!! And of I so know what you mean about lighting, I am having to wear stronger glasses it's so gloomy in my craft room....

  3. Gorgeous page Yvonne, and a great pastime for dull and cold weather. I have been working in my graphics programme, too. Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Valerie

  4. Your hybrid page is so beautiful - another fabulous entry for Erika's theme at AJJ! ♥ Thank you very much!
    I know what you mean - no pressure, deadlines and must do - sounds great , but after all I think that I need some deadlines to come up with my projects...
    We had a wonderful sunny , springlike day --- I send some sun and light in your direction my friend!
    oxo Susi

  5. I think fun is a great word for your to do list Yvonne. I keep seeing people's words online but am still waiting if one ever speaks to me. But back to your art. I love the black image on the color. Boy does it pop. And I like how you keep playing with these hybrid pages. It's something I should try too. The days should be starting to lengthen soon. I have noticed the few minutes more of light in the afternoon, not a lot yet but I'll take whatever I can get. Happy weekend, and thanks for joining in at AJJ. I really appreciate it. Hugs-Erika

  6. Always great to do something different and a dreary day is a good day to start.

    Love the page and the idea of fun for this year

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. That´s a so gorgeous page Yvonne !! I love it, love your hybrid artworks ! I agree the way you see the life... without pressure, no time to finish your art, but, so many ideas in your head!!Have fun dear friend, I´ll do the same.
    I wish you a very happy weekend, hugs & kisses

  8. Pretty cool page Yvonne. Have sent you a Facebook message. x

  9. fantastic hybrid page,love the dreaming woman and texture.
    happy sunday.

    hugs jenny

  10. I'm laughing right now at your daylight bulb being dim. Boy do I know that feeling! Of course, your hybrid page is fabulous. I only wish I could add to pages the way you do. This is a beautiful woman and a clever marriage of background and digital art. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey, too, dear Yvonne.

  11. Beautiful page Yvonne!! I hear you about the dim craft room. We removed the dark awning from outside and replaced it with a clear plastic one. I thought it would be brighter, but now it's covered with snow and I'm in the dark again!! lol. Those so called daylight bulbs are great, as long as you plug in about a hundred of them! lol. hugs :)

  12. We have been lucky enought have a bright day today so got tempted to take a walk! I really hate those grey days though and still haven't replaced my broken daylight lamp!I really love your hybrid page -and the dreams(or should I say plans?) you have! Chrisx

  13. This is soo pretty! I love her.

  14. Such a happy page to brighten a grey day! We've had lovely sunshine here over the weekend but it's been so very cold and surprisingly frosty as we are by the sea - brrrr 😁. Having fun is always on my to do list 😉... and it looks like you had lots of it creating this beautiful page too! Wishing you a happy start to the week! J 😊

  15. Wonderful image on your page. I didn't notice the words on her hat at first. We've had sunny days here, but bitter cold. Suppose to get a break from it though this week!

  16. A wonderful page Yvonne.
    xxx Hazel.

  17. Thats a cool image on your fabulous page Yvonne, love the background too.
    Nothing like a fun creative day without any deadlines and pressures - enjoy!
    Gill xx

  18. Oh I do like the lilac bird on the cool lady's shoulder. Do you make cards from your digital/real art?
    Ah, birthday cards in advance - I can empathise with this dream.
    Happy New Year, Yvonne.

  19. Oh Yvonne, what a great page. Wonderful image and super the background too. Love this!
    Greetings Carola