Tuesday 19 May 2015

Cross stitch

Crafting for me hasn't always been papercraft. 
I used to do cross stitch as a way to unwind in the evenings, especially after a day
 that involved working with children who needed extra help with their education.
 Back then the fingers were a bit more nimble and the eyesight a lot sharper.
I decided to share one of my many pictures today, with a reminder that there is still another week to run on the current challenge at Try It on Tuesdays which is Sewing and/or buttons.
It was had to get a photo as it is behind glass, but I think you will be able to see it okay.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look, I always enjoy reading the comments you leave.


  1. Gorgeous is this !

    I did just one bigger work in this style.. it took me months... not the right thing for me ...lol!

  2. What a beautiful scene! I can't do any more embroidery either, but I still have lots of tablecloths from the good old days!! Hugs, Valerie

  3. A fabulous work. Stitching becomes very popular again.

  4. I love a good cross stitch piece, and also admire those who actually finish a piece!! I just can't ever seam to finish anything I start, too impatient maybe?! :) This is lovely, and also love that you framed it, makes it more special!

  5. Like you Yvonne I did a lot of cross stitching and loved it to bits but the ole body parts aren't as young as they used to be. Beautiful piece.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  6. What a beautiful piece Yvonne - such subtle colours. I used to do a lot of cross stitch too until the eyes started to protest!


  7. I love this Yvonne. I also used to do a lot of cross stitch, in fact I have a couple of unfinished pieces that I keep meaning to get out again. I actually have two pictures from the same series as yours hanging in my hall. I did them a very long time ago and I think they were most probably the most challenging pieces I ever stitched.
    Jean x

  8. So lovely for you to share this with us, really lovely needlework. Ruth x

  9. This is so beautiful and so neatly sewn Yvonne

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Beautiful cross stitch picture Yvonne, especially framed. I too used to do cross stitch, in fact know I still have some unfinished! Would need large magnifying glass now xx

  11. Love the scene on this cross stitch. Last one I did was ForeverFriends for DD!!
    Avril xx

  12. Boy do I hear you about the eyes and fingers back in the day!!! You still have the talent for sure. This is fabulous! Enjoy!

  13. This is fabulous, Yvonne! Love the cross stitch scene. Great job!
    Hugs, Mar

  14. What a fantastic stich work, I love it!!! A real masterpiece for on your wall!!!


  15. Yvonne you are so clever and this is just beautiful...xx

  16. Wow! What a beautiful piece Yvonne!

  17. I love to do cross stitch as well but sadly I have a piece or two unfinished so I need to get at them. This is such a lovely scene and beautifully done.

  18. That's a really lovely image, Yvonne - and I love the soft neutral tones for a gentle evening light. Not much for a needle and thread myself, so I'm always impressed at anyone who has the skills and patience for it.
    Alison xx