Thursday, 8 September 2016

Spelling tests for AJJ

A digital page for

where Elizabeth's theme of  ' Back to School', is really jogging everyone's memories.
Today's memory of mine is from  Infants school [ 5 - 7 years old].
then later Junior School [7- 11years old]
.... when  we had to learn how a spell a list of words   over the weekend.
 with the words obviously getting harder to spell as the weeks went by.
Then the dreaded spelling test was always before first lesson on Monday.
The writing always had to be neat and tidy.
If you got any wrong you had to copy them out 10 times each in the back of your spelling book.
Schools these days may not be as strict , but I have to say we did learn.
It may be seen as hard to today's children with access to, '' spell checks'' etc, but
it certainly worked for me back then.
We all knew what to expect,  if we didn't try to do our best.

I will also be showing this page  at
 Moo Mania and More
where there new Theme is'' Alphabet''.
Without our alphabets we wouldn't be able to spell.
Now that's a question worth asking later.
I used my own base layer.
with stored, found and
Mischief Circus images
Thank you for calling in to visit today, you are very welcome


  1. Talk about jogging memories. What an amazing entry for both AJJ and MM&M. I remember in junior high (our schools are apparently much different from yours) when we were 12-14 or 15, I misspelled mathematics and had to write it 100 times (NOT 10). Believe me, I never missed it again, and I'll never need a spell check for it, either.

    Thanks for reminding me of how things used to be before spell check and lazy students. We certainly knew our ABCs, didn't we? This is a fantastic entry.

  2. A fabulous page - love all those details (well, apart from the frog!) Best of all are the memories this brought back! As I get older I find that bad spelling (especially on notices in public) annoys me more and more! Grumpy Old Woman syndrome setting in! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. Wonderful page Yvonne, great idea, used to LOVE spelling tests! Thanks for another great page for AJJ. Hugs from Valerie and Susi-now-in-Kaiserswerth!

  4. And thanks for linking to MM&M too! xxx

  5. You recall well your school happenings 😃 The page is perfect for both challenges.
    Hugs xx

  6. Ohw....this is great much like my school-time in Holland....I can remember it very well. I love how you find so many things to make 1 journalpage with a story...You are a genius. Have to say I love the have such a sweet BC myself....I love this kind of dogs.
    Until next Plony

  7. I love seeing all those animals you added to the page Yvonne. I wondered at first if that was Meggy but I see not. I always loved those spelling cards with the pictures and the words especially the animal ones. Have a great Friday. Hugs-Erika

  8. oh my yovonne,what a fantastic page,love so much.
    have a great weekend.

    hugs jenny

  9. Fantastic page Yvonne made even better with the dog and cat.

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Cute spelling words page Yvonne, love the animals. My son does his spelling tests on an Ipad, but they are required to hand write them as practice throughout the week.

  11. Wonderful designed digital page, with all the sweet animals also very funny.

  12. This page is fabulous with this fun idea about the spelling tests.
    Have a lovely weekend! Mar xx

  13. Hi, Yvonne.....I have been down under this last week plus. My allergies are out of control, and I feel like I have the darn flu they are so bad. And to make things worse...I am deathly allergic to Buddy's cat. I am SO far behind in commenting but I will get caught up. Gotta get my Paint Party Friday up tonite. Please forgive me and thank you for all your little notes. Yes, that is a photo I took this afternoon of my creek carrying very LITTLE water...but it is where I go to get away and be alone and listen to the trickle of the water. I love to read down there. I grew up a block from the Atlantic Ocean so the creek was the reason for buying this old place. When it carries lots of water it is really loud, but right now it is pretty quiet. Bud ran an ultra marathon last weekend and I went with him. Tonite I am driving to pick up his race packet for a marathon tomorrow so wanted to write you before I got back home. I have some questions for you about all of my downloads so will write you later. If your email is not on your site, will you please send it to me at genier39atgmaildotcom. I am in a real quandary and do not know what to do. Hugs...genie

  14. Not quite the same system in French schools when I was little but similar so this is certainly bringing back the memories for me! Very cool page with all those adorable animals:-)


  15. Lovely page and great idea Yvonne and another lovely trip down memory lane.
    I'm glad you mentioned the age of infants school. I was trying to recall that the other day and knew what junior school was, but not sure what age I'd started infants to work out how many years was there.
    Have a great weekend... Gill xx

  16. Super Great Job Yvonne !
    What a lovely page Top .
    Greetings Doris

  17. You've certainly taken me back, Yvonne. I had forgotten (almost) about spelling tests but they certainly worked. I now know if a word doesn't look "right" as I'm sure others of that era also do. And if I see a spelling error it really grates.
    I love your picture - wouldn't it have made it easier if, as well as the words, we had had pictures on our blackboard too.
    (I've checked this comment for spelling errors three times!).

  18. Great page to fit the theme, love it. Hope you are having a great weekend. xxx

  19. Fabulous work on the memories and theme. Love the animals too. x

  20. Brilliant! Hope you have had a wonderful day.
    Sending special hugs,
    Flo xx