Saturday 4 February 2017

Begin Again

A digital journal page for 
where   Linda K has chosen the theme for this month
50 Shades of Red.

 I have had lots going  on in my head these past few days and  have been quite low. 
So it was good to be challenged , even though I had to take the easy option and turn on the computer.

Many of you know we had a poorly old  Border Collie,
she shared our lives for than 15 years
 and sadly we had to say good bye to her on Thursday

.Sorry if I have missed leaving comments recently,
 I have been reading your posts and will catch up over the next few days.

Thank you for calling in to see me today you are most welcome here.




  1. A very beautiful piece Yvonne and I hope that it helped in some way at this sad time. I am sure you had many wonderful times with Meg and in time those will overtake the feeling of loss that is there at the moment.

    Thinking of you with Love

    Hugs Chrissie xx

  2. What a beautiful page Yvonne, but I am distracted by your sad news. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Border Collie. You must be just devastated. Something disturbing in the air so far this year, sending you lots of hugs :)

  3. Beautiful page and so sad to read of your loss Yvonne, sending hugs to you.xx{aNNie}

  4. I know how sad you must be to lose your Meggie, and a great idea to make the page and start afresh! Look after yourself, hugs, Valerie

  5. I am so sorry for your loss Yvonne - I can imagine how hard this was ♥♥♥
    You do right to turn away and doing this page !
    A wonderful digital piece - adorable!
    Great that you are again with us over at AJJ - Linda's theme is a lovely one in my mind!

    Happy weekend - even though I know you are sad about Meg!

  6. So sorry to read of the loss of Meg, no doubt she's left a big gap in your life.
    It's a wonderful page and a great theme for you.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  7. It's awful when we lose our pets.
    Your artwork is very touching, beautifully made and brave.
    love from Sheila

  8. Oh Yvonne. My heart went out to you at your loss of Meg. I know no words can convey my feelings, but please be aware, I really DO understand your loss. This is devastating news. That makes your AJJ entry even more special, heart tugging, and understandable. Please be aware my heart goes out to you as you say farewell to your beloved Meg.

  9. this is a fantastic page Yvonne! Thanks for joining in at AJJ.
    So sorry to hear about your beloved Meg. I know too well how heartbreaking it is to lose a 4 legged member of the family. May your heart heal with the memories of the 15 years you had with her. Hugs!

  10. Beautiful page my have my deepest sympathy. Pets are not animals....they are family!

  11. This is sure red Yvonne. Perfect for Linda's challenge at AJJ. I love the background-its really rich, and adding that girl was the perfect finish. And
    I am really really sorry to hear about losing Meg. Dogs really become one of your closest friends and the loss is always huge. I think she had a good and long life since she was 15 and just keep that in mind. But you know that, I am sure. My thoughts are with you and wishing you some peace. Hugs-Erika

  12. I love your page Yvonne, it's wonderful. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news about Meg, sending you lots of love and hugs.
    xxx Hazel.

  13. Oh Yvonne, I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your dearest companion, my heart is with you and I wish you peace and comfort. Your page is wonderful and the words and imagery are so poigniant - beautiful! I wonder if I can recreate the background on one of my journal pages with acrylic paint and gesso, I love the worn and vintage look - thank you for the inspiration :-). Thinking of you and sending you big hugs, J :-) x

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Meg, I know the heartache you must feel. Sending comforting thoughts your way. Lovely page you made, and the quotes are encouraging.

  15. So sorry to hear the sad news about Meg Yvonne,that is so hard. Lovely journal page, I hope your crafting is a comfort.
    Val x

  16. Your page is beautiful Yvonne.
    I am so sorry to hear about your Border Collie. Sending you lots of hugs.
    Greetings Carola

  17. I'm so sorry to hear your loss of Meg Yvonne, sending you a lot of hugs.
    Your page is really wonderful!
    Hugs, Mar

  18. Oh my dear Yvonne.
    I am so very sorry about your beloved Meg ♥
    Your page is passionate and beautiful and full of inspiration and hope.
    Be gentle with yourself and take care.

  19. A very beautiful page Yvonne.
    I'm so sorry to hear your sad news about your beloved Meg,
    thinking of you and sending much love and hugs... take care.
    Gill xx

  20. So sorry to read about Meg! Parting with beloved pets is so hard! I love your page and the sentiment! Chrisx