Tuesday, 2 August 2016

T day and a book shop.

Its T Day over at 

where everyone is welcomed to share a drink related post.

This week I have a few photos so share with you of our trip to Alnwick on Saturday.
not to visit the Castle,
[ probably more famous these days with the Harry Potter books]
  but to go to a favourite destination 
 Barter Books.
A huge second hand book store situated in the old Station 
If you should use this link,
it will take you to the store and you will be able to see  photos inside the station.

I took a few photos inside, but it was full of folk. sitting and  browsing the shelves.
No money need change hands,  although if you don't trade you can buy with  cash.
Most folk take a bag of books they have read. You have a card on file showing any credit given for your trade books.. When you leave you use that card
 any left over credit stays in the store for your next visit. 

Here we go....

there is a model steam train that runs around on top of the book shelves

 This water dispenser, I would not fancy using, but it did work.
Situated on the platform that now houses rows and rows of books

I spent a long while in this section, sitting enjoying the art books. We came away with a number of books, which as soon as we were home I had to have a closer  look at mine

The drink of the afternoon was a refreshing glass of water..
too warm to sit in the garden today after a trip in the car
The art book was of Arkady and Nady Gepp
Awesome  pictures to look at

I just had to start reading the Simon Scarrow book that will take me back to the time when the Romans were first invading Britain about 43AD.

Thank you for calling in to see me  today, you are very welcome.
Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. Wonderful photos from your trip, and I would LOVE to go that bookshop, I could live there and happily trade books for the rest of my days! Have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fabulous post Yvonne which cheered me up on a miserable rainy day.
    Alnwick looks a wonderful day out. That book shop is such a great idea - and what a lovely building too.
    Loved the idea of the model railway on the bookshelves as Dave has dismantled his at present
    due to lack of space.
    Your books look really interesting, especially the art ones :)
    Gill xx

  3. Wow, what a remarkable place! Love the model train going around, and I'm with you about that fountain... don't think I would drink out of it either. lol. hugs :)

  4. What a wonderful looking bookstore, and love the large castle too. Looks like you found some amazing books!

  5. this is right after my taste, i would really love to go there. thanks for sharing and happy t-day!

  6. What a fantastic castle! A fabulous bookstore! Thank you for sharing Yvonne!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  7. Oh I would spend days in a bookstore like that:):) Your art book looks very inspiring. Enjoy the good reads and happy T day!

  8. What a great use of space and building and a really interesting concept too.
    Back in 2013 we visited Alnwick (I was excited to be able to actually pronounce the name correctly!).
    Wished we could have stayed longer.
    I bet you really look forward to your visits there.
    Happy T Day Yvonne oxo

  9. Aaaahhh a bookstore on T Day! How perfect is that?! Hugs! deb

  10. A very quirky place to visit Yvonne and always great to purchase some books

    Tfs and enjoy a relaxing read

    Best wishes
    Annie x

  11. That bookstore would be hard to leave. I tend to get carried away at my own local shop, and it's perfectly normal -not magical like the one you went to. But I guess every bookstore is magical in its own way :) Happy T Tuesday

  12. What an incredible second hand book store, I could happily spend all day looking around! Thanks for sharing this amazing place with us! Wishing you a Happy T day! J :-)

  13. I have been to Alnwick (and learnt how to pronounce it) and I loved it! But I never saw that book shop. I would have spent the day in there had I known. What a great shop! Amazing! I love the trains. If no money changes hands, how do they make a living? It's a good concept though. I think in the future we will all go back to bartering. (When the world banking system collapses....)
    Your art book looks lovely.
    Thank you for visiting,
    Happy Tuesday,

    1. Hi Lisca
      Many folk do pay for the books, when they don't have ones to exchange .
      It also have a very large stock of antique books and sell them world wide. These books are locked in glass cabinets and are very very expensive.
      I'm sure they make profits , the Station buffet sells meals and there is coffee and snacks etc for sale as well.
      Mugs, posters cards tea towels, tourist type of goods are also sold.
      It is hard to describe the size of the place, so if you should ever get to Alnwick look for the station.
      Yvonne x

  14. Being a book reader and a book lover this would be an amazing place to visit!

    Happy T-day

  15. Oh my! I'll be taking a look at this if we get over later in the year! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. That bookshop looks so cool. I love bookshops, but there is something special about being able to trade in books. Hope you enjoy your new reads. That art book certainly has some great drawings. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  17. I cannot believe I went past that very book shop 4 weeks ago! We used to have a place like that near us though nothing like as large, I miss it now that it's closed down :-( but I take my old books down to the Lions who hold a book sale on the first Saturday of the month in our town hall - it used to be a trade of 2 in/ 1 out but they ended up with storage problems they had so many! I've picked up some real good ones from them in the past.
    I hope to find time to go there sometime in the future though as I'm never happier than browsing books lol.

    Sally xx

  18. Wow...that castle in the background is beautiful. The book shop is quite amazing as well.
    Happy T day!

  19. I sincerely apologize for not visiting sooner. My internet/phone problem took the wrong time to go offline again. Even the serviceman is confused. Before he could leave, thinking all was well, it went out again. Right now I'm at Sally's and this has to be quite quick.

    You have no idea how thrilled I was to see that lovely castle, then read about this old train station in the same town where you can exchange books. It's a fascinating concept, that's for sure. You certainly got some awesome fine art books as a result.

    It was the perfect time for a nice glass of water, wasn't it? Thanks for sharing your books and your drink with us for T on Tuesday. I again am so sorry I was late getting here.