Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sea world

Gills super theme at
which is ' Natures World', has me buzzing with ideas,
 its the time to carry them out, that is the issue. 
I have had more time in front of the TV this past week since
 the Tour de France ended .
Rowing,  Rugby 7's,  Swimming, tennis and of course the cycling, to name
  a few of the sports we have watched. 
Still  its only once every 4 years and the teams are doing their countries proud.
So back to my page.
A digital page using images from Mischief Circus kits.

The 1st Seaworld Olympics.
Do you think fish race each other?
One of my ponderings for  today.
Certainly the few programs that we get to see  of what goes on beneath the waves
 are well worth watching,  there are the most amazing natural things   to see
 as well as all the sea life and plants..
Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are most welcome.


  1. Love the idea of a fish Olympics, that would be fun to watch in an underwater aquarium! Thanks for another wonderful page for AJJ! Have a nice Sunday, I need to do some housework, got visitors coming tomorrow! Hugs, Valerie

  2. ha ha this had me rolling with laughter Yvonne ( but the wine with lunch of course might have made it worse!)
    next time I go down on our pier I shall have a look over the side and see what's going on down there :)
    This is really fabulous fun and I love it! Yes... I think fish race each other for the best food and probably for the best bathing spot!
    I think a crab team would be good at volley ball or boxing and mermaids riding seahorses for dressage ..any more ideas?
    Gill xx

  3. Hello Yvonne,
    This page is fun ....
    A think is everyday for the fish olympic time .....
    Very beautiful Yvonne !

  4. This is a real nice page Yvonne.....It's funny and I was does this come in your mind ....What makes you create must be a person with humor.....and a lot of creativity. I like this and admire it.....
    Big hug.... Plony

  5. Such a fun idea Yvonne with wonderful fish images

    I know what you mean about the sport watching. I am here watching Andy Murray in the final hours after I usually ho to bed and I have to be up early tomorrow

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Ha ha Yvonne. What a great idea and excellent page to go with it. Made me smile. Hugs erika

  7. Your imagination amazes me. Another wonderful page. Lovely layers as well.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Flo xx

  8. Love those pretty colorful fishes, and what a fun theme! I bet they do race each other around the sea!

  9. A fantastic idea - how fun to think of fish!
    A great entry to the Natur's WOnders theme Yvonne!
    Happy new week!
    oxo Susi

  10. Once again I'm running late because my blog sidebar isn't updating properly. But once I saw this, I fell in love with both the illustrations and the clever thinking behind it. You came up with an incredibly clever, unique, and fun post that couldn't be any more timely. I really LOVE how your mind works, Yvonne.

  11. Your sea world scene is fabulous, Yvonne! Love the fun and creative fishes.
    Mar xx

  12. oh my,this is realy wonderful page,you give the fishs a lovely place of olimpyks.haha,super.
    have a great week.

    hugs jenny

  13. what a fabulous page Yvonne, love those colourful fish and the fun element of the fish race. I was clearing out some old craft stamper mags last week and saw us both published in the ATC swaps ! only time I've ever got published LOL. I understood the Gateshead shows discontinued because of lack of support, afraid the Harrogate one will go the same way, what a shame.

  14. Oh, that is fabulous - I loved peering through your watery depths. I too love watching the swimming as well as the diving and the gymnastics - also always blown away by table tennis and badminton at these levels.

    Just to answer your question about the watercolouring books - you can get them via Amazon. If you click through to the not-Amazon-but-other-sellers bit, you can get them despatched from the UK by Wordery, and at about half the price...
    Alison x

    1. Oops - that link goes to the Woodland one rather than the flowers, but it's also gorgeous, and you'll be able to find the flowers too if you follow it xx

  15. Great page, I love the idea of Fish Olympics! Your pages are always so creative and imaginative, I love it! have a lovely week! j :-)

  16. Fun idea and beautiful creation. Lovely ♥

  17. This really is fun - I have watched some of the Synchronised swimming today - how do those girls hold their breath for so long!!?? Chrisx

  18. Ha ha ha, I just love the idea of a sea world sports event! The octopus would make a great wrestler! Not seen any olympics this time round as its not on Eurosport and we don't get bbc or French to :-(

    Sally xx