Tuesday, 17 May 2011


This week at Try it on Tuesdays we have free choice in what we make.
I thought that might have been easy till I read the theme of  the challenge, 'The 1970's' use this as  a guide,for what you remember best in this decade.
Well, my days were filled easily as a stay at home mum, buckets of nappies , toddlers about the house,  playschool,  first days at school , a dog and a cat.  I said no, to the hamsters, but we did look after them in the school holiday one Christmas, the cat was in heaven with anticipation.  Endless walks in the countryside, [we are lucky to live so close to woodland, fields and river walks]. I would not swap those years for anything.
I listened to pop on the radio while ironing, we had just got our first colour TV in the late 70's.
Enough of remembering, what am I going to make for this challenge.
This card was very easy to put together the stress of wondering what to make had taxed my brain for long enough., so I have taken an easier approach this week.
I used  My Craft Studio for the twisted decoupage,  Martha Stewart punches for edging and a floral die cut.
Yes, I do remember seeing a few brightly decorated cars in those days.
So pop over to Tiots,  to see what we all remember, and join us  in the 1970's.

Thankyou for stopping by to take a look, I love to read your comments.


  1. Yvonne, Such a fab card. I love the bright flowers on the bug. Great flashback. Hope you have a great week. Angela

  2. Love the twisted effect on the bug! Sounds like the 70's were great for you! And I love the 70's music!

  3. Great card! We had an Renault R4 in those days, with flowers painted on it and red and white gingham curtains at the windows, It was so pretty! Nice to think about it now! Havea great day, Valerie

  4. lovin' your 70's retro card, was at school in the 70's and was a big Osmond fan....not sure if I should be ownin up to this .....lol

  5. A lovely funky looking card Yvonne, I like the contrast between the dark background and the brightly coloured main image.Jean x

  6. Thanks for sharing your memories of the 70's with us Yvonne and I just love that colourful beetle. xx

  7. Love the card Yvonne,luv Georginax

  8. A fantastic card to represent your memories of the 70s ... after all your recollection sounds like one very cool day after another!

  9. A beautiful card, love the image!

  10. Fabulous 70's card! Love the flower power!