Monday, 16 July 2018


Happy 5th T.  Day  Anniversary  wishes to
Bleubeard and Elizabeth
where each Tuesday we are all,  always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

Elizabeth is also inviting us to join an ATC swap this week.
It is a while since I made any ATC's, these ones have a simple stamped background
 and are coloured with distress inks.
 I got this far before I went away, having all sorts of ideas to finish them of when I got home.
 Fate had a say in this, but, I was able to add  die cuts. so I am happy that I will be able to use one to join in the ATC swap this time.

I  have set out a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses to join in today's T day celebrations,
but I will be saving my glass until I am having my evening meal.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
Happy T day everyone.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Art for arts sake .....

Another digital page for Chris's theme of
 Art for Arts Sake...... over at 

I did have a photo of  a  mixed media/digital page , made a while ago to use as my starting point.   
After  a weekend of watching tennis finals at Wimbledon and the Tour de France cycling, It was good to sit and create art.....well,  my kind of art  at the present time.
The added sewing idea came from some super journal spreads I have seen recently on Susi's and other friends blogs.
Mine is not the real thing, its a digital addition. 

17 more days  until I hope to say goodbye to the splints on my left arm. You can tell I am counting the days.

Thank you for stopping by, you are always very welcome here,

Digital information can
be found in my sidebar.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Diary Day..... week 28

This week I am so pleased that there are pre coloured pages in my diary.
I am not one to give up  on plans made and my weekly diary is one of those , even though I may have been tempted to decorate the pages later.

I have been able to use some stencils , held in place with tape,   it was a bit of a performance to get the lids off the inkpads with
 only my right hand.   
  Okay,  its not a crisp outline to Mr U, and he is a bit smudged around the edges, I used pens for outlines  and the words.  but hey, this a goal achieved for me this week.

I have to thank Chris, using Mr U came from a fantastic journal spread
 I saw on her blog the other day.
I'll join in at Art Journal Journey  and the theme of Art for Art's sake

Thank you for calling in today,
Your visits are always very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Add a TioT's

challenge the theme is.....
Add a Quote.
Please pop over to see what we have all been making and get the details,
we hope you will join us there.

 This is another piece that I am pleased  to have made before I had my fall.


I have gone all pink  and girly for this hybrid/mixed media project, mainly because I wanted to use one of
 Audrey Hepburn's quotes.

I believe in pink.
I believe that  laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in being strong when
everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are
the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day.
I believe in miracles.

I began with a water coloured page in my journal. Some stencil  and  random  stamps. The two stylish women are Tim Holtz stamps. The quote is also a stamp, but I have no note of who made it.

You can see I used this page after I had taken the photo,
 to frame up in the computer program I use.. It could be used in this way as a gift for someone who likes ''pink''.

But for me I think it will be staying in the journal, to have a smile at  and remember the time
 I went just a bit girly.

Thank you for stopping by you are always welcome here.

Who said this is not art

Hello  friends who call in from
where........ T stands for Tuesday
 and we are welcome with a drinks related post.
Thank you all for your kind wishes last week, as you see I am managing to pages.
 I am lucky to have had some  DT and diary projects  already  made.

This weeks drinks  photo was taken in the caravan,
hubby had assembled a cherry scone for me to have with my cuppa.......
filled with orange jam with a spoon of thick cream on top.
have my word for it , it tasted yummy.

My digital page was fun to make and kept me occupied for quite a while,
as did typing up this post
and the quote is one I really can relate to.
I would be stir crazy if I didn't have this crafting path to follow. until I can get hands on ink  again.
I've never been one to sit around, indoors  knitting, sewing, embroidery  were  my hobbies
 before I got the crafting bug.  
 I do however enjoy reading,there is nothing better than  getting engrossed with  a good book in the evening.. I am currently reading ...... The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton..... half way through it and I find it hard to put down, its a super book..

I will add my digital page to 
and Chris's theme...
Art for Arts Sake
Happy T day wishes and thank you for calling in today.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Old ways won't open new doors.

Well,  as you know I am having to learn many ways to do things  with only one hand at the moment.
Crafting withdrawl symptoms  are coming high on my list of things to overcome .
 I have  to find a way around this matter.
Only another 24 days  until I may be able to say, goodbye to the splints.
I have sprayed a couple of pages with ink, looked at some stamps, but that is as far as hands on pages have  progressed.
 I will be sharing  digital pages here on my main blog for a while,[ notes in my sidebar]
 so you can see how I am spending my time.
I have a few new  digital kits to explore and use,  no inky fingers to wash off with this page.
 Lots of layers and effects, that I think,  look a bit  like a mixed media page

If the folk from
Art Journal Journey
won't mind my all digital pages, I will happily come over and join Chris's theme.
Arts for Arts Sake.
Thank you Elizabeth and Susi, I have been over to AJJ and joined in.

Thank you for calling in today, you are all very welcome here.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Sometimes I just sit .....Diary day Week 27

Diary day week 27

I am so pleased I have  a few diary  pages made in advance,
one arm to use is not helpful when I am used to both.
and I have done a lot of sitting this past week
The things I  have taken for granted would fill a book and the broken arm seems to get in the way all the time, it wants to help, but it cannot.

A  pre printed page covered  with white gesso was the starting place for the  page.
Book print scraps, stencils, a bit of stamping and a sweet dog torn from a napkin.

I will add this page to Art Journal Journey.
Chris is hosting the new theme
Art for Arts Sake.
This page is the kind of art I enjoy creating, with lots of paint and stencils involved.
It was made before I went away on holiday, but luckily for me it will enable me to join friends at AJJ

Thank you for calling in to see me and for all the kind thoughts you wrote on my last post.
I am reading your blogs, but my comments may be short for a while
 until I get used to typing with one hand.
Have a good weekend.