Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hello from Land Rover land and a Cuppa.

Hello from land rover land................
I am just sharing a few photos from the Rally event.

One of 3 camping fields, My eldest son stood on the trailer to get this shot.

All clean and ready to go [Friday]....
The cup of tea is always to hand.

It soothes the mothers nerves when they go off to play.
If I can I will link this post and join
for T on Tuesdays
Tea and coffee has been drunk in copious amounts over the past few days.

Our two sons enter CCV [cross country vehicle] competitions.
There she is waiting for the off.
these are not speed events, more skill and faith in your driving. 
A very brief summary of what they do.
They complete 12 sections..... aiming to pass through 12 sets of narrow pegged gates on each.
 If a gate is contacted with any part of the car they have to stop and take the relevant score.
It is hard to do as the gates, generally are situated between trees or  in muddy pools etc.
 If they stop the engine, that is also an elimination from that section.
Watching  is  limited , for safety reasons. occasionally the cars roll over.

Our younger son  driving through  a muddy section,  with only one gate to go to complete this section and......
yep.... he got well and truly stuck.
Our eldest son didn't get to this part when it was his turn to drive. the section.
Most times another land rover pulls them out, this time it had to be the farm tractor.

Later in the day the front bumper was pulled off, when it was being towed out of more mud.

So here she is the beloved toy, covered in mud, 
 minus her front bumper and loaded ready to go home.
We are now all going to enjoy the company and relax  for the rest of the week.

Now if you have managed to get this far, I  haven't forsaken my messy crafting,
 this is a piece I did before we came away.

It was  a photo of a paint  sprayed and stencilled background in my journal, 
which I have altered digitally while the boys have been playing with their toys.

Thank you for calling by to see me.
I will call in to see you soon.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The arrival

Next stage in our journey was to actually arrive at the Rally.
As forecast in a field in the middle of beautiful country side.
I do have a  low strength  connection, thanks to my younger son arriving with his personal Wfi hub.
Not being technical, this is not its right name but its good enough for me.

So as its a few days since I joined the folk at Art Journal Journey
where Erika is hosting this months theme of.... Journeys.
I have done a quick digital page adding a couple of photos of the Landy
 they will be trialling in this weekend.
Not sure how long this connection will last so will add it to AJJ when I can

Thank you for your visit to see me, the comments you leave me are always appreciated.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Jump for joy

Another scheduled post today,
I am calling these mixed pages hybrids,
 they start life in my journal with inks , stencils and stamping
 and after the photo goes onto the computer, they end up with digital additions.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.

National land Rover Rally's don't often have good internet reception and  generally are held in the middle of nowhere. 
I hope to be able to catch up with you  soon,

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Two of us.

Had a couple of hours today to sit and watch the world go by.......
not me.......... it was time to do a little more  digital crafting,
while my husband was painting. [watercolours].
My new way to enjoy myself without having to take a limited amount of stash in the caravan.
Fingers crossed it seems to be working.

This page is for the current  theme at

We move tomorrow, away from this calm and peaceful site I showed you in my last post,
 to the noise and bustle of  the  Rally, only 120 miles for us, 
 the family come from home,  it will be 330 miles for them. 

Thank you for calling in to see what I have been making.
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cappuccino or tea ?

Yippee , the next stage of our journey  to meet the friends and family,
 has brought us to a caravan site  at Cambridge that has got internet connection.
I created this digital page for the Cheeky Challenge at
where this weeks theme is..... Alice in Wonderland.

 I am also  taking advantage,
to say hello and share an afternoon cuppa
Meg our old Border collie doesn't walk far these days but just out of the site entrance  is...

In fact we are staying on  what used to be a quarry.

 The chalk was the whitest I've ever seen on a cliff side.
It looks barren and we were the only folk there, until we completed the walk and were leaving.

Back home....
Meg and my OH outside the caravan.......
 and time to get the kettle on.

Mine will be a Cappuccino.
Happy T, day everyone.

Thank you for stopping by to see me, I always appreciate you taking the time.
Internet willing I will catch you with you soon.

If you call to see my piece for the new  challenge at Try it on Tuesdays,
 please scroll down to my previous post.

Lets Rock

'I can hear Music'
 is the new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
Think musical instruments, songs that you like to hear etc.......

Please pop over to get all the details and  see how we all interpreted this theme,
 there is some fantastic inspiration.

The base layers were embossed  and coloured with water colour paints. Next came a piece of old music from a book I found in a rummage box which cost me the princely sum of 10p.

I spent ages looking for a stamp set I thought I had,  of musical instruments. I eventually gave up and  decided on some digital additions. Mostly  found from a Google search for free to use images.
Printed  out, I know this will be a useful card for me to have  to hand.

This is a scheduled post, I will visit if we get an internet connection, and catch up on your posts.
Thank you for stopping by to see me today. I always appreciate the comments you leave for me.

Friday, 20 May 2016


This one was of those journal spreads that just evolved, 

This was how it all began.
Two blank pages and a few stamped images.

Some raised stencils- highlighted with gilding wax when they had dried out and a few layers of spray paint

Again, after the photo was taken I added a digital element, just the one
as it realy fitted into my thinking for the spread.

I am linking to this weeks  
Cheeky Challenge theme  over at
which is Masculine.

Apologies if I don't get to call and see you  as often as I would like to over the next couple of weeks.
I have a few posts scheduled, but internet connections can be  hard in some  areas,
  it will be an adventure, as we have never been to this part of the UK before.

We are off in the caravan to the National Land Rover Rally,  to meet with family and friends , while the menfolk and some of the women enjoy the off road competitions. Many of you will have read of these events  in my posts over the past few years.
The wellies are packed,  as there is always an amount of wet and mud involved.

Thank you for stopping by to see me today. 
Your comments are always appreciated.