Monday, 25 September 2017

Colour your home for AJJ

Today the -- 'Colours in my World ' -- are green and orange.

I painted the base of my journal page with shades of green,  before adding pieces of the napkin. and some stencils.
 The napkin had lovely paler shades as you can see, but after sticking it  to the page,
 the colour changed  looking  much brighter, taking up the greens that I had used underneath.
 Note to self,  wet glues and water colour paints blend very easily with each other on tissue type papers.
This made me look around my home to see the colours , that because I see them every day, they get taken for granted.  Colours are not  always  what matter most, it the love and laughter shared with family and friends
 that colour my home.

Thank you for visiting with me today,
you are always welcome here.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

True Colours for AJJ

I couldn't decide which  ''Colour in my World '' to choose today
for my Art Journal Journey page

So its a collage using  paler  colours  tones ,
 papers, some Jane Davenport snippets
washi tape. stencils,
with raised embossing.
Distress oxide was my colouring medium, with a highlight of gilding wax.
I had no plan in my head,  but  paper glue and a pair of scissors was a good starting point..
The page you see on  the right ended  up with a few digital additions after I had taken the photo.

Thank you for visiting me today and for all your support and fabulous entries to Art Journal Journey this month.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Don't feel

I hope this duck running along will make you smile today.
He seems in such a hurry, I hope he finds what he is looking for.
This is a a blue day for my theme of......
Colour in my World

The page began with a watercolour wash base and some napkins, I just loved the duck, his friends will be appearing  in the future in my journals.

 Thank you for stopping by to see me, I hope you all have
 a happy day today.

Friday, 22 September 2017

The colour red AJJ

A hybrid journal page to celebrate the colour Red.
This is  a colour that makes me happy, especially if it is red flowers

The page was  stenciled and I used paste to add texture.  A few wild flowers random stamped and shading added all from the same ink pad.
The water colour flower and quote  are digital additions.

We are back to dull days again, so autumn is well on its way and I have to resign myself that its sometimes hard to get a decent photo, even under a well placed daylight bulb. This is quite near the actual colour shades, so a happy result with the camera today..

So red is the 'Colour in my World ', today for Art Journal Journey.
Thank you for calling to see me, your visit is always appreciated.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

A glimpse of yellow

Not much colour in my world today.
Just a touch of yellow.
for Art Journal Journey
 and this months theme of...
Colour in my World.
I find that the simple things that maybe taken for granted,
 can  bring colour into how we look at the area around us..
It may be a dull day and suddenly you hear a bird singing, look around and glimpse 
 a  small splash of colour , that will take your eye to something else that has more colour.
Making the day seem brighter and more colourful  in the process.

This journal page started off with a napkin. I have been lucky to have  had so many beautiful napkins given to me by friends who know I use them in my craft projects.
many don't blog, but I always appreciate their gifts.

Thank you for stopping by today, your comments are always appreciated
 and you are very welcome here.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Broken crayons for AJJ

The colour in my world today could be  bright enough to waken a sleeping mouse.

This is my digital journal  page today  for
 Art Journal Journey

We are two thirds of the way though September already, where is this year going,
I am so happy  that everyone  is enjoying the theme for the month at AJJ
 and are sharing the  Colours in their world,
 there is so many inspirational pages to see  when I call in to see folk .
A huge thank you everyone and we still have 10 more days to go.

Its good to have you call in here, you are all most welcome
 and the comments you leave are always appreciated.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I'm not crazy

A little bit crazy today!.
well not me but this journal page seems to have everything added to it today.

I'll   start with a cuppa which for once I did finish drinking before  I got into creating mode.
So my first call will be to see friends over at
where we are always made very welcome with a tea related post

First layers were pieces of a torn napkin.
Random stamping came next.
Oh dear this seems to be getting brighter. The next  colour I added was a  few brush stokes of 
watered down white gesso. The girl is fussy cut from a pre printed Jane  Davenport page.

As you can see on the left, I am now in front of the computer and into the digital program I use.
Tea day friends I hope you notice the water I am drinking here.......... folk its not always tea to hand.

This is also my page for today over at
 Art Journal Journey,
 where I am having a super time this month with...
Colour in my World..

Todays colours are bright happy ones, to make me feel happy.

Thank you for calling in  and I hope you all have a happy day.