Saturday, 27 August 2016

Animal wonders for AJJ

A page in my 8 x 8  inch journal today.

where there is only a few more days left to join in with Gills theme of Natures Wonders.

I did manage to remember to take a photo of the base layer, which was made using paint sprays and wax crayons.
Adding a bit more shading with distress inks, the stencil was lying on the desk, so I just had to add some as well.
The wording was added  in  a digital program after I took the photo.

The animals are Katzelkraft stamped images which I fussy cut.

I was thinking about strange looking creatures and did a Google search, it was amazing how many photo are out there. here are a couple  that caught  my eye.


Venezuelan Poodle Moth

But this was my favourite, he's not strange but look at that face....
A Bearded Emperor Tamarin

Animals are a true wonder of nature, there are so many species out there 
and I'm sure there are more to discover.
So to end with my own version of weird and strange animals

I had a lot of digital fun with this page,
using images from Mischief Circus kits as well as some of my own.

Human or Animal, our friends are special.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are most welcome.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

All creatures great and small for AJJ

All creatures great and small, and the opportunity to use a favourite lion image.
I had this months theme, 'Natures Wonders',  chosen by Gill
in mind when creating a couple of hybrid pages for 

I used one of my own base backgrounds,  it was sprayed with one of my  mixed colours.  For the  line drawn sketchy flowers I used  old wax crayons. The may have been a brand ? gelatos, I did buy a few many moons ago, now they are stored in a tin box, with similar items.

This is the second page I made with the same base,
When I read this quote I just knew I had to use it for this theme.
Butterflies have such short lives, but they are a true wonder of nature.
Thank you for calling in to see me today,
you are most welcome.
Digital additions from 
Mischief Circus kits
as well as my own.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

More Book pages and a cuppa

I really wanted to try book folding. for the current challenge theme at Try it on Tuesdays
but so far this was
 and is possibly the only one I will be attempting. 
 It took me a long time [days] , mainly because my eyesight cannot cope with the measurements in millimetres. I'm pleased I didn't choose a longer word.
Folding the pages was the much easier part of the exercise.

Hello  to my friends at
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's

Even the trusty Cup of Tea didn't help my concentration.

I tried a selection of rulers.

 I ended up using the green one.
In case you wonder about the apple, it was crisp,
slightly sour  but refreshing.

 Our eating apple tree  is giving us a small crop this year, the cooking apple trees  have taken a rest

It will be a  little while longer 
before they all ripen,
I stood under the branches with the camera pointing to the sky  to get this photo, a  ladder,  broom will be needed to get them from the tree,  they don't shed so well from this tree.

I will end with my altered
 digital book page version,
 which I have to say
 gave me more pleasure in the making

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome and I love to have you visit.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Time changes Nature

With Gill's theme of Natures Wonders this month over at 
I have been thinking about how,  'time, ' plays a large part in natures cycle,
 as well as in our own lives.

This page started its life in 2010

One of the very first altered pieces I created .
It still hangs on my craftroom wall, all these years later, the colours fading  a little
 from the light and the sun . 
It was a mirror from a well known
 Scandinavian store.
For the photo I had to cover the mirror with a piece of card.
It doesn't stand still.
It waits for no man
and nature changes our world
 with each passing day.

Here it is now, at the start of its digital alterations.
I added 4 small photos to center, trying to represent the  Seasons of the year.
Of course the birds had to make an appearance,
their song is something I love to hear.
Ending up with some simple  green foliage,  showing for me,  that nature is around us everywhere, if we take the time to look, explore and enjoy..

Thank you for calling in to see me today,  you are very welcome here.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Flowers, one of Natures Wonders. for AJJ

Yesterday Gill this month's  lovely hostess over at
asked us What was our favourite flower and why?

Well, this did have me pondering,
poppies have always been my choice if it were to pick a wild flower.
Then what about all the other flowers that bloom, and share their scents, colours and their own special beauty with us.
So this is a digital page from me, showing a variety of flowers that would give me great pleasure to see them in bloom.
I rarely have flowers in a vase, I  prefer to see them growing.
We plant a seed, a bulb,  a cutting in the soil,
Wait awhile,
then see..........
A true wonder of nature.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
your visit is very much appreciated.
Made using my own,
found , Mischief Circus

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book pages for Try it on Tuesdays

Brave Spirit

Book Pages,,, is the new challenge theme at Try it on Tuesdays.
Please pop over for all the details and see what the team have been making.
 From me a mixed and hybrid page, with digital additions,

This is the original  page  on the left.
 A paint  sprayed and splashed background.

The Book print is a page from a very old french book I picked up in a jumble sale many years ago,

The main image of the girl is stamped., its a Wonky Tonk girl from  Which Craft.

She was coloured a little, before the photograph was taken to my digital program to have  the animals and more splodges added.


I am also sharing a card with you this week, which I made a little while ago but didn't blog

The image was stamped and embossed onto the book page , then  watercoloured .

But as many of you know I love to alter my                     original pieces, in a digital program.

So this is the result.
I used elements from Mischief Circus kits as well as some of my own backgrounds.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.

I'm sure you will think of many ways to use book prints and I hope you will pop over to TioT's and join us there.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
 You are most welcome.

If you called in for T stands for Tuesday, please scroll down to my earlier post.

Tea----------- one of natures wonders

I can almost hear you wondering,  what was she thinking  for  this page.
 so I will explain....

Legend has it that tea was discovered by
 Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BCE
when a tea leaf accidentally fell into his bowl of hot water
and the rest is history.

I started off with my own base journal spread layer. A closer look would show random pieces of paper glued down  to  cover the whole area.
I then added some digital images.
This base layer might appear again sometime as it wasn't meant to be used  here.
I thought of the tea flavours I liked, but if I had to have one last cuppa it would be a good old brand of ordinary tea.

So, as the cup was now empty,
 it was off to put the kettle on,
 settle in a comfy chair

 to spend a little time
 with Meg and enjoy a fresh brew
and maybe watch more of the Olympics.

The page will fit two purposes for me this busy Tuesday--
I can go off and visit with friends for 
T stands for Tuesdays

and join in Gill's current theme at

which is Natures Wonders.

Tea is one of natures wonders that I would find  very hard to do without.

Thank you for stopping by to see me today and share a cuppa. you are all very  welcome.

My apologies if I have missed  or visited you late,  blogger is not showing all posts on my dashboard or feed list.  But I don't think I am alone with this problem.
My Try it on Tuesdays post will be along in a short while.